What Type of Paint To Use For Projector Screen

Setting up your own mini-theater at home will also entail choosing the best projector screen aside from selecting the best projector. Needless to say, walls are perhaps the most convenient and probably the cheapest option out there for a projector screen. The only thing you will have to worry about is the wall paint; fortunately, this issue is really easy to solve.

Importance of Wall Color

The wall color actually plays a crucial role in order to achieve a great experience when projecting images for movies, games, and other presentation purposes. That said, you will notice that when projecting in walls which have darker colors, there are differences as compared to when you project the images in walls which have brighter colors.

If you are willing to invest for the wall you wish to use as a projector screen, it would be best to go for wall paints which are specially intended for projector wall screens. These paints ensure the right translucence and reflective features.

projector screen wall setup

Choosing the Right Color

As for the color, many mistakenly think that white walls are the best for projector screen usage. However, the truth of the matter is that it will depend on different factors. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of room where the wall is situated. If the room is lit, it is best to go for gray-colored walls because this will make the black color look blacker.

When projectors project images which are black, they do not actually project black colors on the screen. To project black images, the projectors simply do not project any light in that particular area of the screen. It is much safer to go for gray walls since projecting on white walls would make black images appear grayish whereas projecting on gray walls would give black images a darker look which makes it look more contrasted.

In rooms where there is very little to no lighting at all, perhaps, white walls will work alright.

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