What Is A Short Throw Projector

Finding the best projector means taking into consideration several factors that will make a lot of differences in terms of quality. Not all projectors are created equally, some only work best for business presentations while others maybe only be perfect for gaming purposes and this is the reason why we should all be careful in choosing the right models and brands when purchasing projectors.

Perhaps, one of the most important factors to consider is choosing between short-throw and long-throw projectors.

Getting to Know “Throw”

In technical language, the term “throw” basically refers to the amount of distance which a projector can handle when displaying images. The “throw capability” of a projector is usually indicated in the projector’s packaging usually right after the model name or number; however, not all brands are kind enough to do this.

movie watching in a wide screen

Short Throw

Basically, the difference between short and long throw projectors lies in the lens used by the projector.

Short throw projectors use lenses which create larger images from shorter distances. With these types of projectors, there is less room between the projector and the screen. Hence, short throw projectors work best in homes with smaller square footage.

Long throws are usually cheaper whereas short throw projectors are more expensive; although short-throw projectors are priced higher, this is not without a cause. Short throw projectors use great quality glass which enables it to give better quality in projecting images.

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