Visual Apex Portable Movie Screen

Visual Apex ProjectoScreen132HD

This screen looks great and the frame is super easy to set up with its snap button frame. Like the previous model, the frame is made from light-weight aluminum, and the screen material is mildly weather resistant.

What I like about this model is the area of the screen that snaps to the frame is solid black and creates a kind of aesthetic black frame for your projector. I thought that was one neat feature.

Another feature worth mentioning is the one piece frame. Instead of having to attach multiple parts, this frame is one single piece, and the corners snap into place, making it really easy to install anywhere.

The frame also comes with a carrying bag and support lines, these lines are used for extra support during windy conditions or if you just can’t find a solid patch of ground for the frame. Like the previous models, these support lines can be hammered into the ground.

This model weighs about 35 pounds and you can choose from five different sizes: 100, 110, 120, 132, and 142 inch models.

The material is Cinema Matte White and it’s water-resistant, wash it as you please!

The 142 inch model can be bought in smaller models if you want to save cash.

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Steve Scott

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