Visual Apex – Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

Visual Apex Projecto Screen 144HD

This is another awesome movie screen that is perfect for outdoor movies. It’s the same size as the previous model we mentioned, 144 inches. This screen is a little bit more expensive but there are different sizes to choose from so you can choose a smaller and cheaper model if you want.

The cool thing about this model is that it’s foldable, the frame and the legs are two separate parts. To install the screen, simply remove the frame, unfold it, and set it on the floor. Then unfold the legs and attach them to the metal frame with the included screws.

The entire process takes a few minutes at the most, and it’s a lot easier if someone helps assemble it with you. Each section of the frame automatically locks in place so there’s no need to worry about the screen collapsing!

This screen also uses a different material, Cinema Matte White 1.1 and it’s completely HD ready. You can even watch 3D movies on this screen!

What I liked most about this screen is that it’s super easy to assemble, and the material used on the screen is extremely sensitive, making it awesome for high definition movies.

The material is also mildew resistant and completely waterproof, a customer mentioned he sprayed the screen with his hose and the quality remained the same.

In other words, feel free to wash the screen when it gets dirty! Easy to wash fabric screening is another feature that makes the visual apex a popular choice as best outdoor movie screen.

The 144 inch model has free shipping and 2 year warranty.

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Steve Scott

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