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In the past, projectors were too expensive for the average consumer. This day and age, technology has advanced to the point where projectors are accessible to almost anyone at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a brand to start out with, Excelvan is a great company with an excellent line of projectors designed to suit different purposes. 

In this review we're going to look at the leading 3 Excelvan projector models and compare their specs too find the best one for the job.

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  • Supports 3D
  • Multiple audio / video input options
  • Projects from 32-200 inches


  • Fan is loud
  • Unit is heavy
  • Video is sometimes pixelated
  • Unclear sound quality

The Excelvan 2600 is a budget projector that offers most of the standard features one would want from a projector. The only downside is that while it does contain a lot of features, they aren’t necessarily top of the line in terms of quality.

This might irk the audio and videophiles out there, but for those who are not OCD about having the best of the best product, it is sure to satisfy. This is a basic projector that can serve many purposes and has lots of features at a great value.

Excelvan 2600 backview

Some of the best elements of the Excelvan 2600 are its HDMI output and support of both widescreen and standard aspect ratios, making it compatible with both vintage and modern audio and video standards. In addition to this, it supports 3D movie viewing as long as you have the glasses and 3D movies on hand.

Another great thing about the 2600 is its variety of input options; you’re able to plug in just about any kind of audio or video cable. This means you can connect it to all sorts of devices including blu-ray players, laptops, phones, and much more.

While the 2600 is a great unit, it also has its negatives.  It’s fairly big and hefty, weighing in at around 4.5 pounds. Also, some users have reported that the fan is a little loud.  And, as mentioned above, because this projector comes at a low price, the audio and video quality are not as pristine as other high-end units. This is also a decent unit for gaming however the quality isn't super high.

Some buyers have reviewed the product saying they noticed pixelation and felt the audio quality was not as clear as they would like. Overall, it’s a great projector for beginners who want to get their feet wet.


  • Portable size
  • Has built-in speakers
  • Multiple audio / video inputs
  • Projects from 32-120 inches


  • Stock bulbs don’t last very long
  • No zoom function
  • Built-in speakers are low-quality

The Excelvan EHD09 is a great little projector for under $100 that gives you a mix of portability and functionality. It lacks some of the bells and whistles that higher priced projectors have, but it still has a lot to offer. It’s a great piece for a modest home theater or someone who needs a reliable projector to carry around with them.

Many reviewers mention being extremely happy with the size and weight of the EHD09; it can easily be toted around if you need to take it from place to place.

Another feature adding to its portability is its built-in speakers. This means you’ll have less equipment to have to lug around with you. It also offers the necessary audio and video inputs to accommodate most playback devices, and it will project from 32-120 inches.

Excelvan EHD09 backview

A major drawback of the EHD09 is that the stock bulbs are either a hit or miss. There are many reports of the bulbs not lasting very long, so it might be a good idea to order a replacement with it.

Also, positioning is very important with this unit, as it has no zoom function. This can make it somewhat difficult to find the perfect spot to place it. And finally, though it does have built-in speakers, they do not produce very high-quality sound. It’s a great feature, but if you desire a more cinematic experience, you’ll probably have to end up buying a better speaker system.

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  • Very small and portable
  • Has built-in rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Has built-in android OS
  • Can connect to wifi
  • Projects up to 200 inches


  • Short battery life
  • Lacks clarity
  • Requires adapters for inputs
  • Built-in speakers are not very loud

The Excelvan 100HM is a super-portable projector. Because it is so small, it cannot possibly contain all the inputs of a larger projector, but it really isn’t designed for all of that.  It’s in a category of its own. This is a great projector for those who tend to travel a lot.

The 100HM is so small that it can fit in your pocket; it’s roughly the size of a mobile phone and has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to two hours. This is the perfect projector for those who watch a lot of movies on their phone or tablet, as it is Bluetooth compatible.

You’re able to stream movies and videos and send them directly to the projector. Additionally, it has a built-in android OS that can access the Google Play store, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite apps on the big screen.

Though it has a built-in battery, it only lasts for two hours. This can be somewhat of an inconvenience, as many movies have a runtime that is longer than that. The 100HM is as bright as any other full-size projector; however, it does lack some of the clarity that a more expensive unit would have. And, since it is so small, there aren’t many input options. This means that you’ll have to buy adapters if you want to plug in an A/V cable, VGA cable, etc.

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Depending on your needs, one of these three projectors will most likely be a better fit for you compared to the others. Excelvan has done a great job of answering consumer’s needs and bringing budget-friendly projectors that exude quality to the mainstream. If you’re in the market for one and aren’t sure where to look, this is definitely a good place to start. Each of these models has a little something for everyone.

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