Top 10 Post Apocalyptic Movies

The world, as we know it, can change drastically in just a relatively short amount of time. Or at least that’s how apocalypse-themed movies portray said situation. Seeing how our very own world may end has captured the interests of watchers world wide. That our possible doom is entertaining is fascinating to us illustrates one of the paradoxes in our lives.

1. 2012

Whispers have always proliferated about the alleged end date of the world in the year 2012. Allegedly, the Mayan calendars show that the world will end in said year. This particular movie tries to encapsulate said phenomenon.

The changing of the Earth’ surface triggered a series of natural calamities culminating into the rise of sea levels. The protagonists of said movie were only able to survive by boarding a state-of-the-art submarine called an Ark.

2. Geostorm

Geostorm is a relatively new movie. The movie explores the area wherein humanity has controlled the weather of the Earth. Seems like a happy movie right? Wrong. The grid of satellites that is being used to control and modify the Terran weather worked well for about 3 years before all hell breaks loose.

Anomalous weather conditions began to happen all throughout the world until GEOSTORM status was achieved. In other words, the weather has been totally unhinged. The story tells us viewers about the danger of playing god and where human greed may take us.

3. The Knowing

How will you handle the knowledge of the future. This particular movie deals with this possibility but with a twist. The Knowing illustrates its plot by stringing a list of accidents with fatal consequences. Little does the world now that a single person was able to decipher an old document from a time capsule.

What he discovers is the impending end of the world and a higher being’s plan to wipe the slate clean. The Knowing faintly follows the story arc of Noah but with a modern twist.

The movie uses foreshadowing as a great tool. Visions light the way for the plot to move but just barely, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The end, for the lack of a better term, is quite explosive.

4. The Road

Most apocalyptic movies focus about the events leading up to the event that would end the world as we know it. The Road deviates from said formula. This movie focuses mainly on the aftermath of said event.

The movie focuses on the story of a father and son tandem. They brave countless forests and abandoned towns in order to move forward. They surmised that the southern part of their former country could contain a semblance of civilization.

Along the way, the tandem meet cannibals, hapless travelers and trigger happy people. The duo was able to go to the distance but danger always looms. The movie shows snippets of their world before a cataclysmic event that was not satisfied. Obviously, the movie explores the possibility of a world after an apocalyptic event.

5. 28 Days Later

Any apocalypse movie list without zombies is incomplete and the movie 28 Days Later might be the movie for said audience. While the hordes of seemingly undead in this movies are not the typical ones, said beings will inspire fear as their bites turn anyone into a rabid biter.

The movie is set in England. The main character awakens from his hospital bed and was astonished when no one is around. He explored a couple of blocks before encountering the zombies. Luckily he was saved by a pair of survivors. The ragtag team elects to find a surviving military post in order to survive.

The movie, like The Road, explores a world where a cataclysmic event has happened. The England portrayed in the film is one of decay and death. The protagonists braves this new landscape in order to survive the hordes of the seemingly undead.

6. World War Z

Zombies flicks seem to be an unending source of apocalyptic movies. World War Z is another example this bottomless genre. One might expect that these zombie films will lose its charm but there has always been a charm surrounding said genre.

World War Z starts with a calm note. A typical family is shown enjoying their everyday life. However, the peace was broken by a seemingly mad crowd bent on biting anyone at arm’s reach. This was the start of the end for many in the movie.

The lead character is secretly connected with the US government and worked to find the source and the solution for the zombie menace. He travelled across the world in order to achieve his goal. He threads along a world that has been reduced to madness. Desperate countries turn to desperate means like the nuclear bomb. Other countries with foresight, like Israel, enacted means to stifle the threat.

World War Z incorporates the usual tropes associated with the zombie genre. Some might this movie a bit unoriginal but let’s face it, almost every zombie movie is a compelling watch.

7. I am a Legend

One of the best books in the zombie genre is also one of the most compelling zombie movies out there. I am a Legend, like The Road, focuses on the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. The world has been invaded by zombies and the main character, played by Will Smith, is trying to survive the hellish landscape that was formerly his home.

The movie also talks about loneliness as one is pressed in finding company in a world that is full of zombies. I am A Legend is a masterpiece still, even in its movie form. Although much has been changed from the novel, the movie still encapsulates the loneliness that one will most certainly suffer in this world.

8. The Day After Tomorrow

This film explores the result of our wanton destruction of Mother Earth. Global Warming has melted the Northern Ice Caps. The fresh water disturbs the Gulf Stream that circulates warmth across the Atlantic. The ensuing loss unleashes an Ice Age across the Northern hemisphere.

By the end of the movie, the entirety of the northern hemisphere is under ice. The US has been diminished as half of its land area is also under ice. Canada is practically wiped out. The movie aims to raise awareness about global warming and our continuing apathy towards our Earth

9. Independence Day

independence day 4 movie image

10. The War of the Worlds

Apocalypse can be brought about upon us but it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t bounce back. That possibility is explored in both the Independence Day and the War of the Worlds. Both films show the possibility of a first encounter with an extraterrestrial race in an explosive manner. In both films, aliens attack Earth in order to gain control of the same planet.

Both films show the resiliency of the human spirit as we battle back from the brink of extinction. Both movies end with resounding human victory but the same is also pyrrhic as the cataclysmic human losses is illustrated throughout the film.

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