Optoma 4k Review 2019 – Read this BEFORE You Buy

Many have been turning to projectors to use in their home, either as part of a home theater or in place of a television. It is great for a larger than life screen, but the problem in the past though was that the room generally had to be dark for a quality picture. Technology in projectors has evolved greatly, allowing colors to remain vibrant in a well-lit room.

Not only that but in HD., and as televisions sets are now 4k ready, projectors are starting to be 4k as well. These are still relatively new to the projector market, but the top brands are working on bringing out incredible models to be used for home entertainment purposes. Our guide looks at one of the leading company’s take on the 4k projector for home entertainment.

What is a 4k Projector? Our Optoma UHD60 Review

There are two types of 4k projectors, and it is important to know the difference, so you know what to look for. There is the kind that can accept and process 4k content and the other that is true 4k, with not so many of the latter yet but several of the former. 4K projectors have the smallest pixels, which means richer pictures. It is the next step above 1080p projectors.

The difference is in the quality of the picture. 4k is smoother and has more detail than 1080p. This difference isn’t normally noticed if you have a smaller screen or sit far away from it, but it is definitely noticeable if you sit close or have a big screen, such as a projector! 4k will bring the best viewing quality to date in projectors and will intensify your home theater experience.

What We Know – UHD60 Release Date

Optoma is an award-winning company in projectors for home entertainment and business/school use. Their sole focus is on home/business projectors and audio, and they dedicate themselves to deliver the latest technology in quality products for everyone to enjoy. They have recently announced their Optoma 4k projector that is to be released later this year, the UHD60.

Optoma 4k Review

This single-chip DLP (digital light processing) projector was made in partnership with technology giants Texas Instruments, who have designed the pixel-shifting DMD chip in it. It will be able to avoid alignment issues with no ghosting problems. The Optoma 4k UHD projector will bring eight million pixels to your screen, with four million mirrors, and the mirrors can switch over 9,000 times per second. All of these details have been designed very carefully to bring premium 4k viewing. 

The resolution on this home theater projector is 3,840 x 2,160. With an incredible maximum output of 3000 ANSI lumens it can be used in the middle of the day in the brightest of rooms, and you’d still have excellent color definition and brightness.

Optoma 4k UHD60

This single-chip DLP (digital light processing) projector was made in partnership with technology giants Texas Instruments, who have designed the pixel-shifting DMD chip in it.

Because this is for the home theater, we are certain you will be able to connect a whole range of devices to it including Blu-ray, which is what Optoma had connected to it during the CES (International Consumer Electrics Show).

The visually stunning “The Life of Pi” was being played on a very large screen in a dark room, and many were intrigued by the quality. A dark room would emulate the theater experience, but the lumens on the 4k UHD will be able to deliver quality in a bright room too. This is the same image quality that can be captured on most drone cameras

Optoma is also releasing a 4k UST (ultra short throw) projector. This model is a laser projector and is ideal for home theaters. It will also come with 4k UHD resolution and HDR10 color gamut. It has a throw of 0.18 for up to 140-inch image size with the device only inches away.

What to Consider

4k projectors are new, and therefore a little on the pricey side. This will change in a year or two though when more companies jump on the 4k bandwagon, like 4k televisions.

It is still lamp-based, which means it may need to be replaced over time.

The Optoma UHD60 4k projectors are great for anyone setting up their home theater. Both the UHD and UST will deliver unmatched technology, but for affordability, the 4k UHD is a good choice for amazing quality. In fact, these 4k projectors are built specifically for the home theater market.

They would bring superior quality for business use as well, but there are others on the market more suitable for just business use. This was designed with home entertainment in mind.

Ready for the 4k Experience?

The Optoma UHD60 4k Projector is due for release sometime this year. Good things come to those who wait, so if you are willing to put off that projector purchase, you will get a superb viewing experience with 4k. The UHD60 is also one of the best gaming projectors you can buy.