LG C8 Review

LG stopped the TV world in its tracks with the release of the OLED C8’s predecessor. With their newest model, they are doing whatever is needed to show the world that that was no fluke. They are attempting change the way people see television.

While I don't usually review or discuss TVs. I'm a big fan of this unit and think it's a great choice for smaller living rooms. Let's jump into it!

Technical Specs


With this technology, each individual pixel can be turned on or off independently of the other. This allows the OLED TV to achieve a richer black and were colors than their predecessors. It allows for precision and light control. This television represents the best display technology on the market today.

image of LG TV

Alpha 9 Processor

It should come as no surprise that the LG C8 is changing the game when it comes to the brain behind their television. The new Alpha 9 processor is bringing LG to the front of the pack. This processor is part of the reason why the C8 is able to offer unparalleled visual display on a television that is the thickness of a coin. 

lg c8 tv


When you look at the base of the screen, you are going to see that this part of the television is a bit thicker than the rest of it. This is because the base houses the inputs and other circuitry. The LG C8 has HDMI inputs and three USB ports.


The LG C8 can sit on top of an entertainment unit using its stand, or you can mount it on a wall. Either way, regardless of how you display it, it is going to be an impressive addition to your home theater. The TV is designed to have very thin bezels. This means that there is nothing that is going to distract the viewer from the picture quality that is in front of them.


  • True black
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Multiformat HDR support
  • 1080 Full HD High-Resolution Image Quality


  • HDR could use improvement
  • Very dark content shows vertical banding
  • Static logos may cause permanent burn

Image Quality

When the television is hanging on your wall or sitting on a stand, it is impressive enough. However, when you flip it on, you are going to be blown away by what you see. 

LG c8 backview

True Blacks

The C8 has the ability to produce unbeatable blacks. This is a challenge for most flat screen televisions to do because they have a backlight. However, an OLED television does not have backlights. It can produce blacks in their truest form. This television is able to create a stunning range of colors that will blow you away.

Color Range

lg c8 color setting

The LG C8 is able to produce more than a billion rich colors. This, when coupled with pure black, improves the quality of the picture you see. The Alpha 9 processor does a great job at image upscaling and color refinement. 4K viewing on the LG C8 is unbeatable, whether you are streaming from a streaming service or using a 4K disk. The image quality is pristine, and the color accuracy is like nothing we have ever seen on any television before.

Smooth Images

Thanks to the Alpha 9 processor, we were able to view high-speed content without any image blur. It did not matter if we were watching sports or any other programs. The television held its own whether we were watching images that were produced from a disk, whether we were streaming from a streaming service, or whether we were watching sports. We detected no blur, and there was no interruption with the action, even though everything was being presented in high definition. Our conclusion is that the image quality that is produced by LG C8 cannot be compared to anything else.

lg c8 smooth movie viewing

Added Features

In addition to its stellar picture, there were a few other features we felt merited mentioning.


The audio that is produced by the speakers that have been built into the thin panel is exceptional. The television has a 40 W output. The C8 comes equipped with Dolby Atmos sound. We want to be very clear about this, this is the sound that is produced by the television before you add external sound systems to it.

When you’re watching programs from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or from your 4K disks, you’re going to hear sounds coming from all around you. They are all coming from the television. It is simply a remarkable experience.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to interact with the television using your voice is not something new. However, the LG C8 takes this experience to another level.

This is thanks to the Natural Language Processing feature. This allows you to talk to your television in the same a way that you would talk to a person sitting right next to you. You do not need to use special phrases or commands. You can ask the television something simple like whether or not you will need an umbrella and the television will reply by telling you the weather report.

Or you could say something like you can’t hear the television and it will automatically raise the volume. You even have the ability to ask for specialized content. Setting up the voice control does take a little bit of time. You will be able to make certain adjustments on the television faster using the remote control as opposed to voice control. However, we feel that the voice control is more than just a gimmick but is a quality service that improves the television.


lg c8 tv viewing

For our money, the LG C8 OLED is one of the best televisions that you can buy. It clicks all of the boxes and delivers a fantastic experience that you and your family will be able to enjoy for a long time.

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