What You Need to Consider Before Renting an Outdoor Theater

Outdoor movie-viewing is not a new concept. In the 1960s, this was a wildly popular pastime with thousands of drive-in movie theaters open across Canada and the U.S. Unfortunately, this business has been on the decline since then for a few different reasons, including the advent of VHS and color TVs that made home viewing more attractive than before.

But just because you can watch movies at home now doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the joy of an outdoor show. Renting an outdoor theater is one way to take matters into your hands and enjoy outdoor movies once again. But before getting started with renting a theater, there are some factors to consider.

Check that you have a Suitable Area for it:

Before going through the trouble of renting an outdoor theater, first, make sure your living area is fit for this. The neighborhood you live in might have safety regulations or noise restrictions; so check on that and ask the neighbors whether they are okay with the sound. Better yet, invite your friends to the show!

Make sure it’s Legal:

Getting some friends together to watch Star Wars in your backyard is perfectly legal; but don’t even think about charging people to watch or advertising the viewing publicly. Though a local entertainment lawyer is driving by and busting you isn’t likely, you want to make sure you’re following the law.

Plan for a Dark night:

The only light source you should have for your outdoor movie is the projector. This setup will give you the best viewing experience possible. Plan for a night, when the moon isn’t full and try to set up the screen away from streetlights.

Ideal Screen Location:

What is the best place to set up your rented outdoor theater? Let’s look at some options.

The Driveway

Your driveway should have a level enough surface to adequately support the projector, chairs, speakers, and screen without a problem. The driveway is a good choice, because you’re likely closer to an available power receptacle; (most houses have one on the outdoor wall or the garage), and will be able to move all of the theater supplies inside if a sudden storm hits.

The Outdoor Wall of your Houseprojector's brightness

Another option for where to mount the movie screen is the outdoor garage wall since any flat surface will work. You could also try to hang the screen between a couple of trees, depending on the type you rent and what your outdoor theater space looks like.

If you have your house with a front or back yard, chances are you have the space needed to do this, even if it requires getting a little creative. Apart from the screen’s location, you must first make sure your theater is close to a power source.

Some arrangements may require a long extension cord to get the job done. Follow all of these guidelines, and you’ll be ready to have a fun, safe, and legal outdoor movie viewing session to remember.

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