How To Blow Up And Inflate an Outdoor Theater Screen

When the weather is nice, you want to spend as much time outside as possible. An outdoor theater screen is one way to enjoy an activity you usually reserve for indoors in the great outdoors. But if you are have no experience with setting one up, it can be a challenge.

The Best Conditions for Outdoor Viewing:

The ideal conditions for an outdoor screen are a clear night with no chance of rain. This product is designed to be useful in the dark; so try to use the movie screen in as dark of an area as you can, far away from porch or streetlights that could disrupt the projector light. Let’s go over the steps for inflating your outdoor theater screen.

Steps for Blowing up your Outdoor Theater Screen:

1. Lay it Out: The first step will be taking the screen out of its packaging and laying it out in an open, flat space without any leaves or trees that could damage it. Make sure that the frame of the screen is lying with the clips facing upward.

2. Plug it in: You will then plug the screen in while it’s still lying flat, then ensure that no obstructions are blocking the air intake.

3. Attach the Screen to the Frame: Next, you want to attach the screen to the included frame. This screen connects with the plastic clips at the corners and edges.

4. Stand the Screen up: Now it’s time to put the screen in an upright position by folding out the included legs. If the display came with stakes for the base, now is the time to put the stakes in the ground, using the holes to guide you.

5. Attach Tethers: For the next step, you will be attaching two nylon ropes to the straps on either upper side of the screen, then two more to the lower straps. Insert the stakes designated for the chains into the ground, attaching the nylon leash clips to the stakes.

What Pump to Use

This is a question we get pretty often and the answer is really simple – use a battery powered air pump!

Unless you want to take your bicycle tire pump and sit there for 2-3 hours exhausting your lungs continuously blowing up a giant inflatable movie screen it really isn’t worth it.  I suggest trying something like the Coleman Quick Pump, it’s extremely affordable, battery operated and can inflate a large screen fairly quickly.

How to use the Coleman:

  1. Put batteries in it (uses D-cells)
  2. Attach the nozzle.
  3. Wait for about 10 mins. Easy as that!

If you need more detailed instructions click here.

Congratulations, you have officially set up your screen for outdoor viewing! If for some reason the screen isn’t inflating correctly, there are a few potential causes for that. Check to make sure the cord and power source are connected properly, that no debris is blocking the motor’s air flow, and that the item is fully intact with no tears or rips. Although choosing a high quality system is extremely important.

How to Handle Tears in the Screen:

Accidents happen. If your screen does become torn, these can be fixed by sewing with common thread. You can also tape the tears with packing tape. Please note, that if the screen does tear, you should mend it by putting tape or sewing it on the back of the screen. This fix will reduce disruptions in the smoothness of the screen while viewing.

Cleaning your Outdoor Theater Screen:

When your monitor needs cleaning, this can be done with a slightly wet cloth and gentle soap.

Although this is a bit of a simple version explaining how to setup your blow up your own backyard screen it will definitely help.

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