How To Hang A Projector Screen – A Quick Guide on How To Do It Yourself

A projector screen is a must if you wish to have a cinematic experience at home for movies or even for gaming purposes. Fortunately, hanging a projector screen does not have to be a grueling experience although it will definitely take some effort. Here are simple steps you should follow:

Steps to Follow

  1. Determine the exact location where the projector screen should be hung from and use a ladder to properly determine these critical areas.
  2. Use a stud sensor to determine which parts of the ceiling joists are appropriate for the screen to hang from.
  3. Mark the areas of the ceiling which the stud sensor indicates as the appropriate places to hang the screen from. You will know these places by the sound of beeping noises coming from the sensor.
  4. Use a measuring tape to determine the width of the screen and use the determined width to mark the area of the ceiling where the next mounting should be attached.
  5. When all the appropriate areas of the ceiling joists are marked, place the brackets at the center of each joist so that the screws will anchor the bracket.
  6. Once centered, mark the holes in the bracket where the screws will go through and you can now start drilling holes. Make sure you drill vertically; otherwise, the screws will be slanted which will be problematic.
  7. Use a screwdriver to screw the bracket to the stud. It would be better if the screws on each side of the screen would be tightened alternately with the help of another person. Make sure you do not over tighten the screws.

Hanging A Projector Screen

Finally, you now have the projector screen ready for use. Test it out to see if it works well and if it does not, do the necessary adjustments.

During the process of hanging or mounting the screen, do not forget to check out the manual that comes with the projector screen. Sadly, there are times wherein the manual that comes with the projector is not really of great help even if you’re buying the best projector brand. However, most of the time, the manual usually lays out important tips you should follow in hanging the projector screen. Hence, you should still not skip on it as there may be important details highlighted in there.

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