How To Get Sound From Projector to Speakers

Aside from connecting the projector to your laptop, it is also essential to know how to connect the projector to the speakers because what good is your projector presentation if it misses out on sound effects.

For most presentations, sound effects would play an important role especially if the presentation is for educational purposes or if the projector is used for video games or movies. This is exactly why knowing how to properly connect the projector and the speakers are important.

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Here are a couple of very basic steps to follow when connecting the devices:


Before performing the steps below, you need to make sure that the projector, as well as the speakers, are turned off. You also have to know your speaker’s audio cables and locate the audio “out” port of the projector.


Plug the speaker’s audio cable into the audio “out” port of the projector, which you may find in the connection panel.

watching movie in projector screen


In turn, simply plug the opposite end of the said cable into the audio “in” port of the speakers.


Finally, turn on the projector as well as the projectors; you should now hear the sounds from the projector playing through the speakers. In some instances, you might have to press on the “source” button of the projector in order for the speakers to successfully connect.

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