How To Connect Your MacBook Laptop To A Projector

Connecting your MacBook laptop to a projector is quick and easy if it is not your first time doing it. However, for first timers, it might be just a tad bit challenging considering that although the MacBook laptops have output ports which allow it to be connected to a projector, the port actually differs from other laptop brands. That said, you have to make sure that you have the correct Apple adapter for this since the adapters also differ among the various MacBook laptop models.

Here is a very quick and straightforward breakdown of what you need to do to connect your MacBook to a projector:

  1. Make sure to turn your laptop ON.
  2. Plug in the projector and turn it ON.
  3. Insert the smaller end of the VGA MacBook adapter to the thunderbolt or mini display port.
  4. Connect the wider end of the adapter to the VGA cable of the projector.
vga adapter

Macbook Adapter For Projector

  1. Click on the Apple menu found in the upper left corner of your laptop screen and select “system preferences”.
  2. Select “Displays” and click on the “Arrangement” tab
  3. Check the “Mirror Displays” box found in the lower left corner. Wait for a few seconds.
  4. Once the laptop and the projector are successfully connected, you will now see the screen of your laptop projected against the projector screen.

Now that you have successfully connected your laptop to the projector, you can now project movies, games, pictures, or other presentations.

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