How To Connect Your Personal Computer To A Projector

If you thought that projectors can only be connected to laptops and not to personal computers, you thought wrong. Although it might not be that common as seeing projectors being connected to laptops, projectors can also be connected to desktops and the steps on how to do it is quite simple.

  1. Make sure your PC is turned on.
  2. Plug in the projector and connect the power cable to the port of the projector.
  3. Turn the projector on; usually, you will see a green light which signals that the projector is now on.
  4. Know that there are different types of cables which can connect the projector to the computer. Some of the most common cable types are VGA and HDMI.
  5. Find the RGB or VGA “in” port in the projector and insert one end of the VGA cable to said port.
  6. Find the proper RGB or VGA “out” port at the back of your CPU and connect the other end of the VGA cable to that port.
  7. The projector should now display whatever is in your computer screen.

Connecting Projector to Desktop

And there you go, you have now successfully connected the projector to your personal computer. Connecting it is very easy. Perhaps, the only challenge you will encounter is determining which proper ports to connect to especially at the back of the CPU where a significant number of different types of ports can be found. Once you’ve located all the correct ports, you will have no problem proceeding with the presentations, games, or images you wish to be projected.

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Richard Scott

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