How To Easily Connect Your Laptop To A Projector

Projectors play a very important role in school, for educational purposes, in work places, for business meetings and conferences, and even at home, for movies, games, and other entertaining activities. With that in mind, it is, therefore, important to know how to properly connect the projector to a laptop so that when you find yourself in an important business meeting or a graded school presentation, you will no longer be struggling with the cables and the ports.

Below are very easy steps that will guide you in connecting your laptop to a projector:

    1. Turn your laptop on and place it beside the projector.
    2. Place the projector in the appropriate area facing the screen where it will project.
    3. Make sure you plug in the projector and turn it on.
    4. Locate the VGA “in” port in the projector and attach one end of the VGA cable to that port.
    5. Find the VGA “out” port, usually at the right side of your laptop, and insert the other end of the VGA cable to that port.
    6. The projector should now display what is on your laptop screen.
    7. Make your final adjustments as to the distance between the projector and the screen by moving the projector further away from or closer to the projector screen.

Projector and Laptop ports

If the projector is not displaying what you wish to project, make sure the cables are connected properly the port since an interruption in the display may be caused by cables loosely connected to the ports. Finally, you may also adjust the settings for the colors, sharpness, and the resolution to improve the quality of the projected images.

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