How To Clean Projector Lens

When preparing for important presentations, you have to make sure everything is perfect and that includes making sure your projector is working well and that the lens are well-cleaned. Dirty lenses are the last thing you want to use to project your business proposals; you would not even want dirty lenses when you’re playing video games through a projector. Simply put, projectors may not require heavy maintenance but they still have to be cleaned every once in a while.

The problem, however, is that many projector owners do not know how to properly clean their projector lens; some end up using the wrong cleaning tools which may damage the lens or the projector, itself.

We do not want that to happen; hence, we have come laid down a guide on how to properly clean a projector lens.

Things To Remember

  1. You want to make sure that the projector is turned off and unplugged.
  2. Make sure the projector is not heated up; if you have just used it, give it time to cool down before proceeding to clean it.
projector lens cleaning kit

Projector Lens Cleaning Kit

Things To Avoid

  1. Avoid using alcohol to clean the lens.
  2. Avoid directly applying cleaning solutions to the lens.
  3. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals as cleaning solutions as this will definitely destroy the lens.
  4. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools to clean the lens as this may cause scratches.

What To Do

  1. Use cloth that is lint-free and soft to clean the lens. You may purchase this type of cloth from any shop which sells camera lenses.
  2. Using the cloth, gently wipe the projector lens in circular motion. Do not be too harsh in rubbing the lens; otherwise, you might end up with scratches.
  3. After cleaning the lens, avoid touching the lens using your bare fingers as this will leave fingerprint marks.
  4. Make sure you place the lens cover back on the projector lens to avoid dust build-up.
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