Below is an exhaustive list of the most frequently asked questions about setting up your outdoor projector. If you have any other comments or concerns please contact me via the contact page. Thanks!


Can you use it inside? What is the best way to mount it?

Can I use this outside, in the backyard in the daytime?

Can I just leave this outside? Does it withstand severe climate like rain and heat?

Can this screen be rolled up when it is not in use or would that cause severe damage (wrinkling)? How can I remove wrinkles from transport for a smooth screen?

Can I just leave this outside? Does it withstand severe climate like rain and heat?

Can I put this on a 6 ft fence in backyard? How tall is it?

I would need to put it on an incline will that be a problem?

Are the legs adjustable so it can sit higher? Is the Height adjustable? Like can you make it taller?

When used indoors against a wall how is it secured to the wall?

Are there instructions how to hang this?

Technical aspects

What is the total size of this screen (with the stand)? How thick is the screen? If hung on the wall, how far would it stick out?

Is the screen one piece of material? It looks on the picture like there is a seam about 12 inches from the bottom.

Can it be used to watch cable television? Is there a way to hook up video games on this? Can I also watch Netflix?

What about sound for the movies?

Is it pure white and is the material reflective? I can’t use reflective materials for my photo booth.

Is the blower for the Gemmy 39127-32 loud?

Will this work with rear projections? Will this screen work outside with a standard LCD projector?

Will this be viewable in an outdoor environment during the daytime?

Is this the best option for HD or should I get something else?

Is it Waterproof?

For 120″ screen, is this sturdy enough to be used outside with wind?

What size screen is best for backyard viewing (about 30-40 guests)?

Transportation & maintenance

Is it washable? How do you clean the screen?

How does this do in the wind? Can this be left outside during rain showers on a somewhat regular basis? – Just the frame or both the frame and screen?

What are dimensions of the screen when it is in the traveling case unassembled? What is the weight of the screen and frame without the legs (for hanging from the ceiling)?

Can one person set this up and do you have to attach the legs every time you transport it?

Does the screen collapse, roll up or must it stay extended inside the frame? I am looking for a screen for inside seminars and presentations.

How long does this take to set up if it has been broken down completely?

Is it easy to fold up?

How big is it when packed up? Wondering how big a car I would need to transport it?

Thinking of putting this screen in hot weather permanently. Will the screen get damage?


What is quality of the screen itself? Is it suitable for a HD projector?

Which movie projector with DVD player do you recommend under $300 for this screen?

How close to or far from the screen does the projector need to be set? What the furthest distance back the projector could be from the screen?

This screen can only be used from projection/laptop for movies what about for sporting events/football games, if so how does this work?

What is the best color setup on the projector?

What is the gain and how will it look with an Epson 3lcd projector?

Once you receive the product is the screen wrinkly or flat when stretched and mounted. How long does it take to get wrinkles completely gone?


Will this screen be appropriate to be used at the conference of 100 people? Does the screen look cheap?

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