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This is an affordable and lightweight projector that allows you to experience cinema and video games with friends and family. While it is not a high-end projector, it will provide you with the basics you will need to enjoy your viewing experience.

Overall I'm a big fan of this unit, it's a great choice for the under 200 projector range. 

Product Specs

  • Technology Type Single LCD Projection Technology 
  • Projection Method Front, Rear, Ceiling 
  • Projection Lens Manual Focus 
  • Operate System Android 6.0.1 

What’s Included in the Box

When you open the Excelvan E09 box, you will get an HDMI cable, a remote control, a power cable, and the user manual. The projector comes equipped with a three in one AV cable and the screw you will use to adjust the vertical height of the machine. When you order the projector, you will get the option to choose the US or the EU plug. 

Excelvan E09 Projector box

The Remote Control

The project’s remote has a long body and a simple black finish. On the top you’ll see that there is a power button, social or directional buttons, and the okay button at the center. There are buttons for the menu, the home screen, as well as buttons to control the volume of the projector. We were surprised at the quality of the remote control, especially when you consider the price of the projector.

Excelvan E09 Projector package

Projector Bulb

The projector is equipped with a 48 W LED bulb. It is designed to last over 20,000 hours. This means that if the projector is used between five to seven hours daily, the bulb should last for up to eight years.

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Operating System

The E09 has an Android 6.0.1 operating system. This means that you are able to install a number of device compatible apps and games. The projector is equipped with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM as well as 8 GB ROM. There is a TF card slot that allows you to extend the storage capacity of the machine by 32 GB.

  • CPU Quad-core A53 1.5GHz 
  • RAM 1G DDR3 
  • ROM 8G (TF card supports max 32G) 

The Excelvan E09’s Design

The E09 has an all-black matte finish. On the top of the projector, there are two manual adjustable knobs to control the focus and the keystone correction. When you look at the projector from the rear, you’ll see some control buttons. These are on the back of the device on the left corner, with the control buttons being arranged in a matrix format. There you will find the typical inputs for power, escape, direction, and the okay button in the center.

Excelvan E09 Projector standing position

When you look at the back of the projector on the lower side, you will see a vent that’s used for the internal audio system. On the upper rear, you will see the infrared remote sensor, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, an AV port, a USB port, as well as a VGA port.

Excelvan E09 Projector backview

Looking at the device from the front, you’ll see that there is a lens and an infrared sensor. At the base of the hardware, there is a vertical height stand adjustment. The device has been designed to offer good balance and provide minimal adjustment.

There are mounting screw holes that can be used to fix the machine on a tripod or a ceiling mount.

Image Quality

  • Physical Resolution 800*480 Pixels 
  • Maximum Resolution 1920*1080, HD 1080P4K 
  • Brightness 1200 Lumens (60 ANSI Lumens) 
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9&4:3(native) 
  • Displayable Color The horizontal(1.67 million) 

The E09 uses single LCD projection technology. This allows it to project an image in full 1080P. The E09 can also project at 4K resolution. This is with a high quality image being projected on the output screen.

Excelvan E09 Projector actual viewing

The projector has a maximum brightness of 1200 lm. This is the equivalent of 60 ANSI lumens. This means that the projector has average power. It is not designed to be used in a room that has a lot of ambient light. However, when the projector is used in a completely dark room, the image is clear and bright. Learn more about BenQ W1070 projector.

The contrast ratio of the E09 is 1000:1. This allows for a crisp image without much color attenuation on the projected screen. This projector does a decent job at reproducing color output accurately.

Excelvan E09 Projector actual viewing2

You have the option to watch the display at a 4:3 or a 16:9 ratio. The display screen supports approximately 1.67 million horizontal colors. Since the projector is designed for front ceiling and rear projection techniques, it comes equipped with the ability to adjust the keystone +/-15°.

If the E09 is placed 0.9 m from the projection surface, it will produce an image of around 30 inches. When it is placed 3 m from the projection surface, it can produce an image of up to 100 inches.

Additional Features

Although this is a budget projector, it does have a few nice added features. For example, it comes equipped with an 8-ohm 2W stereo audio system. It is just enough for the average size room. Of course, the sound is going to be a little tinny, but that can be fixed by connecting the projector or connecting the apparatus that’s producing the projection to a state-of-the-art sound system.

Excelvan E09 Projector compatibility

The Bluetooth 4.0 feature will allow you to pair external gadgets, speakers, smartphones, and other devices to the projector.

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Excelvan E09 Projector wireless

The E09 supports Wi-Fi connectivity. A wireless screen monitoring feature is also available.

That's it everyone. Hope this review was helpful. Overall I think this unit is a great choice for people looking for cheap projectors. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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