Epson Powerlite Short Throw Projector Review 2018 – Read this BEFORE You Buy

Setting up a home theater with a projection system isn’t as simple as it may sound.

You should consider an array of factors, and one of the most overlooked is projector placement.  Precise calculations you need to achieve is the best image size and resolution in your viewing room.

Additionally, there are different projectors done to fit different room sizes.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a massive room dedicated to your home theater, then any standard projector might work out well for you.  However, if you are stuck with a limited amount of space to set your gear up in, a short throw projector may answer best to your needs.  

What Is A “Short Throw” Projector?

Long throw projectors, as compared to “short throw,” require a significant distance between the projector unit and the screen to achieve a large image.  Consider a commercial movie theater, for example.  The projectors in movie theaters are located all the way at the back of the theater room, allowing them to achieve large video image sizes.

Or, consider how when you shine a flashlight onto a wall, the circle of light produced by the flashlight changes sizes as you move closer to or away from the wall.  The closer you get to the wall, the smaller the circle gets.  As projectors emit light in the same way a flashlight does, the images they project change sizes depending on how far away from a projection screen they are placed.  

In a home where room space is often limited, there isn’t always enough space available  to place a projector far enough away from a screen in a view to reach the desired projection size.

This is where short throw projectors come in.  Short throw projectors use a unique lens which allows them to project a large image even when close to a projection screen.  This projector is super advantageous for those who need one for use in a small space.  

They are best for use in home theater situations, as they do not work as well in big rooms where a long throw projector would be optimal.  Thus, if you are planning on setting up a home theater in your dwelling, short throws are something you should look.  They’re a little pricier but fit home applications exceptionally well.  

The Epson EMP535W Powerlite Projector

The Epson EMP535W Powerlite Projector Review

One of the best projector brands out there, Epson, has a great selection of short throw projectors, and one of their best lines is their Powerlite series.

This set features Epson’s signature technology and pairs it with short throw lenses to create an impressive line of projectors designed specifically for home theaters.  As always, their projectors are kept simple regarding features and surpass many other brands regarding of their ability to produce breathtaking high-quality images.

Epson Powerlite Short Throw Projector

One of the best projector brands out there, Epson, has a great selection of short throw projectors, and one of their best lines is their Powerlite series.

The pictures emitted by Epson’s products just blow the competition out of the water.  One of their best short throw projectors is the EMP535W Powerlite projector, and it demonstrates the real power of what Epson products are capable of doing.  Let’s take a look at some of the best aspects of the EMP535W.


  • 3LCD Technology

One of the features that make Epson projectors so special is their use of 3LCD technology. The 3LCD technology uses three LCD chips which separate the red, green, and blue colors from each other before combining them through the utilization of a prism.

What results are colors that are three times brighter than those you get from standard DLP projectors?  

This technology is one of the main reasons consumers look to Epson to purchase their projectors.  They are one of the first companies to use this technology and have stuck with it for years now with great confidence.

It only makes sense that 3LCD would be the technology of choice to produce imagery of the highest standards since their Powerlite projectors will display videos for home theater usage.

People who have seen the pictures produced by 3LCD projectors say they are the closest representation of real life achievable.

They describe the images as “true-to-reality.”  Without a doubt, this is one of the best features of the Epson EMP535W, as it allows it to excel at the fundamental purpose of a projector (projecting images accurately).  

  • Wireless Input

Another feature which makes this a spectacular unit is its wireless input capabilities.  With Epson’s custom software, you can wirelessly share media from all sorts of devices including cell phones, computers, and more.  After you have downloaded their app from an app store or program via their website, you can pair and share from multiple devices at once.

Not only is this a super convenient feature when it comes to streaming but it also cuts down on the amount of cable management you have to implement.  As the movement towards an entirely wireless world continues, this projector will hold up extremely well.

  • Short Throw

As mentioned above, the EMP535W is a short throw projector, making it a perfect fit for home theaters. Its lens allows it placed much closer to a projection screen than long throws.

Thus you won’t have as much of an issue with finding the right placement.  According to Epson, you can achieve image sizes of up to 116” from just 4’ away.  Even in a small bedroom, you can enjoy a cinematic experience.

Final Words

The Epson EMP535W Powerlite Projector is a high-end projector that features the latest and greatest as far as projection technology.  It does everything you would expect from a projector and does it superbly well. You can also use this model effectively as a projector for gaming.

Its incorporation of 3LCD technology means it is up-to-date on the market and capable of producing jaw-dropping images which enhance the viewing experience.  Also, its convenient wireless input system makes it easy to stream content from all sorts of sources.  You’re able to send videos from your smartphone directly to the big screen with the click of a button.

And finally, with its short throw lens, it is perfect for viewing large images in crowded places.  You can enjoy large, widescreen content with very tiny need for an abundance of room.  

All in all, it’s a fantastic projector that sits at the higher-end of their Powerlite product line.  If it fits within your budget, you just can’t go wrong with the EMP535W.  It’s romantic style and capabilities will ensure that it lasts you for decades to come.  

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