Epson PowerLite Projector Review 2019 – Read This Before You Buy

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More people are turning to home projector units for the ultimate big screen experience. With the opportunity to take it into any room or even outside for movie nights, projectors are a great option to have but have previously been made available only to businesses and schools, due to their high cost.

Thankfully, companies like Epson have been creating a range of affordable models for the home. We take a closer look at what makes a great projector, and how Epson fits that.

Epson PowerLite Projector Review


If you want a home projector, there are many factors to consider. Picture quality and brightness are the two biggest details when it comes to projectors.

You used to have to make sure the room was dark before using the projector; otherwise, the light would drown out the picture. With many of today’s projectors, this isn’t much of an issue anymore.

high-quality projector can show pictures in brightly-lit rooms. The quality may vary from model to model, so it is a good idea to consider the lumens (light emitted by the projector per second) in each model.

The higher the number, the brighter the picture and therefore more easily seen in the daytime.

chart showing how to convert lumens into watts

You will also need to consider the surface you’re projecting. While screens are best for a smooth look, some will work just fine against a plain wall.

The texture of the wall can affect picture quality, so if you do have a large blank wall that you want to use, make sure it has a smooth finish.

It used to be that plain white walls worked best but with technology in projectors able to show brighter colors, this isn’t always the case! Many projectors today can show a great picture even on dark walls.

You don’t need to go for the most expensive one to guarantee these qualities. You also don’t need to go for a heavy-duty model. Sometimes the most affordable ones will do just as great a job or even better.

About & Specs

Introducing the Epson PowerLite, with all the fabulous features you could want in a home projector and more! Epson has been focusing on the development of projectors, especially affordable ones for the home, and the outcome has been fantastic.

This slimline model that comes in black or white measures 8.3 x 11.5 x 2.1-inches, and Epson describes it as “ultra-portable.” It weighs only 3.7 lbs. It can connect wirelessly or through an HDMI cable.

epson powerlite projector lightweight

This narrow model doesn’t cut back on features that larger ones would have. In fact, the 2600 lumens of color brightness and 2600 lumens of white light, this even surpasses some of the bigger projectors.

This screen makes the images still vibrant even in bright rooms and in the daylight.

The Epson PowerLite has native WXGA widescreen resolution (1,280 x 800), 16:10 aspect ratio. This projector gives 30% more image than a 4:3 image and 10% more than a 16:9.

The 3LCD and 3-chip technology also contribute to the brightness and make this model three times brighter than other competitors. 3LCD also consumes 25% less power than those projectors without it.

The projector is very easy to get going – just “plug and play” with the provided computer cable to your PC or Mac or you can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Built-in WiFi. Use the Epson iProjection app to connect your smartphone and control content right from your device. Of course, you can also just use the remote if you just need to use it as is.

You can place the Epson PowerLite anywhere and still get a correctly proportioned image, thanks to the auto-vertical correction and easy-slide horizontal image correction.

You can adjust the zoom with the zoom and focus lens. The lamp is long-lasting at 5000 hours.

epson powerlite viewing

Included is a 1-watt speaker which is enough for a small room, and there is no audio out jack. However, the sound quality is good.

You can hook up your laptop/PC and use the speakers on there or others that you’ve connected to the laptop/PC.

It powers down quickly so you can pack it up in the soft carrying case provided if you wanted to move it.

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What to Consider

Brightness is one of the biggest concerns for projectors. Sometimes colors look faded with dull pictures if the room or area has too much lighting.

You don’t have to worry about that with this Epson model.

Whether you have it pointing a bright white wall or one with dark colors in a well-lit room, the color definition on the Epson PowerLite will be sharp.

This projector is great, but the absence of audio-out jack has left some scratching their heads.

As noted already, you can connect your laptop/PC or another device to it, but the projector automatically routes the sound.

You will need to disable the audio signal from the output source and re-route the noise to some better speakers.

Like most projectors, this can seem like it runs hot during use. It tends to cool down much faster than others though, which is great if you just need to pack it up and go.

The portability of this projector is a major bonus. It can easily be moved from room to room, to the office, or even outside. The handy carrying case helps protect it while moving.

In Conclusion

Overall, the vibrancy of the colors and crisp images make this Epson PowerLite an excellent choice of projector for use at home, work, or anywhere really!

You would expect the price tag to be much more for it, but it is a highly affordable option, offering a higher quality projection than more expensive models.

It is perfect for your general everyday use without much hassle in getting it started and transporting.

Epson is a leading manufacturer of projectors, and it is easy to see why with their Epson PowerLite model.

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