Our Review of the Epson Home Cinema 2040

Epson has updated their roster. The Epson Home Cinema 2040 is the update and de facto successor of the  Epson Home Cinema 2030. With it are improvements that is fitting for an update. Discussed below are the specs, feature, pros and cons of the  Epson Home Cinema 2040.

Image showing the beautiful Epson 2040


  • Epson has given the Epson Home Cinema 2040 the 2- year warranty version
  • This projector can belt out  brightness rated at 2,200 lumens
  • The color light output is also rated at 2,200 lumens
  • The contrast ratio for this projector is rated at 35,000:1
  • The Epson Home Cinema 2040 has Auto Iris
  • Resolution is at 1920 by 1080
  • Aspect ratio in this projector is at 16:9 in HD
  • The video modes that are being supported by the Epson Home Cinema 2040 are the  720p,1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50, 576i, 576p, 480p and 480i
  • Full HD 3D is the available 3D mode
  • Max power is rated at around 307 watts
  • Voltage in this projector ranges from 100 volts to 240 volts
  • The Epson Home Cinema 2040 weighs around 6.4 pounds
  • The lamp life herein will last for an estimated 4,000 hours
  • The lamp life will be longer if eco mode is activated. Lamp life in eco mode is estimated at 7,500 hours
  • Lamp type is UHE
  • There is only one lamp in the casing
  • The focusing of lens needs manual operation
  • The Epson Home Cinema 2040 can throw an image from 3.6 feet to 29.5 feet
  • Image size that can be projected ranges from 33.7 inches to 332.9 inches
  • The Epson Home Cinema 2040  produces around 37 decibels in background noise
  • The background noise is reduced to 29 decibels if the eco mode is activated
  • Built in the projector is a 5.0 W Mono speaker
  • The digital keystone is both horizontal and vertical

As stated above, the  Epson Home Cinema 2040 is the update to the excellent  Epson Home Cinema 2030. As such, it inherits the good qualities and features of the Home Cinema 2030, such as full HD 1080p res, full HD 3D compatibility, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and other feature.

Of course, the Epson Home Cinema 2040 also has improvements such as Frame Interpolation, Detail Enhancement, 2D to 3D conversion, advanced noise reduction and low input lag.

The Viewing Experience in the Home Cinema 2040

It is only fitting to juxtapose the performance of the Epson Home Cinema 2040 to its older sibling (the Epson Cinema Home 2030) to gauge the progress of the Home Cinema series and of the Epson brand as a whole. Side by side, the Epson Home Cinema 2040 projects the images quite similarly with the Epson Home Cinema 2030.

Take a look at a screenshot we took of our 2040’s resolution.

image showing the screen resolution for the Epson Home Cinema 2040

However improvements, the obvious theme of the Epson projectors, is quite evident. The Cinema 2040 projects sharper images compared to its older brethren. The Cinema 2040 exhibits higher saturation of images and a more natural, more balanced appearance. It also has a higher contrast.

The Epson Home Cinema 2040 has 4 viewing modes:

  • Dynamic Mode
  • Bright Cinema Mode
  • Natural Mode
  • Cinema Mode

The Dynamic Mode is the default mode and the first one that you will encounter when turning on the said projector. It has a bit of a greenish tint although this will probably not bug you while watching unless you are strict with colors.

Color accuracy may be off, especially if brightness is dialed-up to the highest, but it is normal for projectors in this segment.

Bright Cinema Mode, as the name implies, is designed to exploit the available lumens to the highest degree, In fact, being in the Bright Cinema Mode nets around 1,700 lumens. The good thing about this mode is that color accuracy is pretty much improved. The only downside with this mode is that a bluish tint can be observed. This is normal and we covered that in our Epson Reviews page. 

Again, this would not really get in the way in enjoying the excellent viewing experience that the Epson Home Cinema 2040, unless you are very attentive to details.

Both the Cinema Mode and the Natural mode can achieve 1,00 lumens in the eco-mode (which is turned on by default in both modes). Both modes can achieve up to 1,500 lumens if the eco-mode is turned off, producing a stunning sans calibration.

Frame Interpolation

As stated above, the Epson Home Cinema 2040 has picked up new features that are not in its predecessor. One of those features is frame interpretation. Fast paced motion may not be captured perfectly by the projectors, resulting in blurry images that may affect the overall viewing experience .

With Frame Interpolation, frames are inserted between frames especially frames that holds fast paced actions. This smoothes the frames and avoids blurriness which can result from fast-paced action scenes that are being projected on screen. This largely enhances the viewing experience of the audience. The only downside with this inclusion is that input lag rises.

Long Lamp Life

As stated in the specifications for the Epson Home Cinema 2040, the lamp in the unit can last up to 4,00 hours. More so if in eco mode. That is a pretty long life for a lamp and that is always a plus. Check out our lamps reviews for more. 

It does not hurt either that the replacement lamp, should your current lamp be broken or die, is also very cheap (99 dollars). So not only does your lamp last long, replacement lamps are also very cheap to be had. The guys at Epson really nailed this one.


  • Solid viewing experience inherited from the Home Cinema 2030
  • The bevy of viewing modes enhances the viewing experience by< with varying degrees, bettering the color accuracy
  • Frame Interpolation makes fast-paced scenes more enjoyable to look at, as opposed to blurriness that plagues contemporary projectors
  • The long lamp life ensures that you will be using this projector for a long time
  • Epson’s expansive 2- year warranty is always a plus


  • Some modes offered by the Epson Home Cinema 2040 has some downsides while in use.

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