Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 135-inch 16:9,

Elite Screens Yard Master

This screen is slightly smaller than the previous screen, but its only 5 inches smaller, and you can choose from several different sizes. You can also choose between front and rear projection for better results.

With this screen, I really liked the aluminum light-weights parts, they make it incredibly easy to assemble the equipment and they’re extremely durable.

This screen is not entirely weather resistant or water resistant, so it’s not recommended to leave it outdoors for extended periods of time, always bring it in. I also don’t recommend washing it as it’s not completely waterproof and you risk damaging the screen.

The screen can be easily snapped to the frame for a completely flat and crease-free viewing experience. There’s also an additional support system with ropes and pegs for the windier days, of course, this is only for back up use and not required for each use. Like the previous models, it can also be used indoors.

What I liked most about this model is the aesthetic appeal, it simply looks sleek and elegant, with an all-black frame and snow-white screen. The area of the screen that snaps onto the frame is also not visible, it just looks good. The shipping weight is only about 35 pounds and the dimensions are 122.9 x 36.7 x 93.3 inches.

It’s slightly more expensive, but I believe its the best value projector screen because it’s an extremely durable and it’s one of the better looking screens on the market.

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Steve Scott

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