The Best Christian-themed Movies for Kids

Christian movies are always a good source of morals. More so for kids who are just starting to develop their sense of wrong and right. However, kids usually have short attention spans, causing educators and parents alike from impressing said morals to children. Luckily, kids seem to focus on movies.

Without further fun fare, here are the best movies for children in the realm of Christian Faith. The same is not arranged to any particular order.

1. Jesus: He Lived Among Us

What better way to introduce the children to the faith by starting at one of the roots of Christendom. Jesus: He Lived Among us, as the name would imply, explores the life and wonders of the the Son of God. The movie was released back in 2011 and is 90 minutes long of pure wonder of Jesus’ life in a format that is relatable to kids.

A picture of Jesus and his apostles

The story, although revolving around Jesus, is told at the vantage point of John. John is one of Jesus’ apostle and the last one to survive. This is a touch of superb story making. Many films about Jesus has been produced but most of them uses Jesus’ own eyes as the vantage point.

By using another, the movie is made in such a way that is more relatable for most. The movie reveals the wonders of Jesus through another and that’s more relatable than when said wonders are seen through Jesus’ eyes.

There are some deeper themes in the movie and parents are advised to watch the movie with their children. The life of Jesus is one of hardship and it is here in this parts that children needs the guidance of their parents to understand. Nevertheless, Jesus: He Lived Among Us is. good movie for those who wants to introduce their children to the story of Jesus.

2. Heaven is for Real

Children usually want to interact with their peers as they are developing their social skills. This is mostly true for children entering their teen years and even earlier. As such, they can usually relate better if the movie that they are watching is also geared towards the viewpoint of a child.

The protagonist in Heaven is for RealHeaven is for Real follows the experiences of Colton Burpo. He is depicted in the movie as a 4 years old child. He had a near death experience where he apparently experienced a heaven of sorts.

The claims of the said kid and the effect that it had on his surroundings is the main drive of the film. Akin to those who express their beliefs and the effect that it has on one’s surroundings, Colton’s views and innocent belief is explored.

The movie is quite good in depicting the struggle for those who still belief. However, the main character being a child dials down the seriousness of the plot. This enables children to enjoy the movie. Add to that that Colton is a child will make him more relatable and endearing to the younger audience.

3. The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt

Arguably one of the best animated movies of its time, The Prince of Egypt is a movie full of devotion to one’s beliefs and to being good. It also has a lot of topnotch musical scores that would really resonate with children. As one might notice, music is a good method to catch the attention of an inattentive child

As the title would imply, The Prince of Egypt is set in Egypt at a time when the people of God are under the oppressive regime of the Egyptians. Moses, the main protagonist, was unwittingly adopted by the Pharaoh’s family even if Moses was a Hebrew.

The rest of the film tackles the injustices heaped on the hapless Hebrews. The movie culminates with the awesome visualization of the magical wonders written in the Bible. Parents need not to worry as the calamities suffered by the Egyptians are presented into child-friendly scenes.

As stated above, devotion to the faith is one of the main messages of the movie. Moses faced a lot of challenges along the way. However, he never faltered and was able to lead his people away from oppression. In the end, the freedom of the Hebrews were secured.

4. Joseph: King of Dreams

How did the Hebrews get to Egypt. Aren’t they from Canaan in which is now present day Israel? The Prince of Egypt shows the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Joseph: King of Dreams shows how they got in in the first place.

The story starts with the introduction of Joseph, the youngest of Jacob’s sons (at least at the start of the movie). Joseph has always been favored by his father, much to the chagrin of his brothers. This was further amplified when the family discovers that Joseph have the power to tell the future by way of dreams. At some point, the jealousy from the brothers reached the tipping point. Joseph was subsequently sold to slavery.

Joseph reached Egypt as a slave. However, one thing after another happened enabling him to gain the confidence of the current Pharoah. This was because Joseph accurately predicted the incoming famine. Flush with power, Joseph used his position to try to exact revenge against his brothers. However, Joseph desisted as he has seen that his brothers have changed for the better. The movie ends with the rest of Joseph family moves to Egypt, hence the Hebrews entrance in to the kingdom.

The movie is built upon two qualities that children will really find useful. First is the management of jealousy. True, jealousy can never be fully excised but it can be manage. The story tells us about the repercussions if jealousy is not manage. The jealousy of Joseph’s brothers led them to sell Joseph to slavery. This brought great sorrow to their parents. Later on, Joseph saw the regret of the brothers when they (the brothers) tried to give their lives in return of their youngest brother (the one after Joseph).

The second main theme is forgiveness. Joseph, upon seeing the regret of his brothers, immediately forgive them for their sins.

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