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Types of Paint to Use for Your Projector Screen

Steve Scott

If you want to achieve the best picture on your DIY home theater screen, then the type of home projector paint you choose matters. You won't get a high quality picture even from the best home theater projector if you don't pick a suitable screening option.

There are various HI-RES screen paints available on Amazon, ranging in price between less than $50 and more than $200. This article will help you choose the best screen paint with optimal value for you. It also offers some other helpful tips for painting a home theater screen to maximize its function and aesthetics.

painted projector screen

Benefits of Painted Home Theater Screens

Many people believe that painting your own home theater screen is much better than buying one made of vinyl or other projector screen materials. Perhaps the most surprising of these is that a painted movie theater screen can actually produce superior visual depth and picture quality when compared to most other projector screens.

Home projector paints are formulated with titanium oxide and other compounds that produce very sharp, high-resolution pictures that even the most expensive physical screens cannot. These paints are made with ultra-smooth pigmentation that reduces surface texture irregularities and produces higher picture clarity.

Home projector paints have superior leafing properties, more binder density, and smaller particle sizes than traditional screens do. These and other factors lead to rejected ambient lighting and an absolute neutral greyscale spectral response that practically eliminates hot spotting and color shifting.

Home projector paints are pricey as “paints” go. However, they are not like traditional paints. They are high-tech formulations that contain compounds that work with various light inputs to maximize the quality of your viewing experience. A painted home projector screen is much more complex than a simple white-painted wall space.

Painting your own DIY home theater screen typically costs hundreds of dollars less than other available solutions. Further, painted screens last a lifetime without any need for repair or the risk of malfunction. The only maintenance they require is periodic washing with only soap and water. They weigh nothing, take no space, are latex and water-based, and can be placed without the need to modify any carpentry.

projector screen cleaning

Painting a DIY Home Movie Theater Screen

Home theater projectors are expensive units designed to deliver high-resolution videos and pictures onto a wall in your home. By adjusting the projector distance, you can increase or decrease the size of the area it displays on. Generally, the closer the projector is to the wall that is used a screen, the better the picture quality is.

For example if a room where you plan on screening movies is pretty small, you better look for the best short throw projectors.

So, the first step of painting your own home theater screen is to choose the wall that you want to paint it on. Of course, the wall will need to be big enough to accommodate the size of the picture you want. For many people, bigger is better here.

However, you have to be realistic about the maximum distance that your projector can produce a high-quality picture. Cheaper projectors usually are limited to smaller picture sizes.

Once you know which wall you’re going to make your home theater screen on, then you should paint the entire surface with a quality white primer. Primer paint is heavily-pigmented and produces an excellent starting ground for your DIY projector screen surface.

Choosing a Home Projector Paint

After the primer dries, it’s time to apply the projector screen paint. Many people get confused about whether to use silver, grey, or white. Here's a good general rule to consider: If your projector has an output of 3500 lumens or more, then grey is the best choice. If it produces less than 3500 lumens, then white is probably your best choice.

Now, it gets a little more complex. Hi-Res home theater screen paints are available in various increasingly-dark shades of grey. Like white reflects more light than grey, a lighter shade of grey reflects more light than a darker shade of grey. If the projector screen is too dark for the projector being used, the picture will be washed out and dull.

projector screen paint

You should also consider the amount of ambient light that will affect your projector’s picture. Light entering the room from windows, skylights, and other sources will detract from the vibrancy and quality of the picture. Many people construct special light-controlled rooms for home theaters. The less light that gets in, the better the picture quality and cinematic experience will be.

Note that a white projector screen will produce very vibrant pictures but not show black or dark grey areas of the picture very well. Comparatively, a grey projector screen will show black and other dark colors well and have an excellent contrast ratio. However, it will not produce as vibrant a display as a white screen will. Personal preference is often the determining factor here.

You’ll also need to think about how much 3D you watch when deciding on the color to paint your home theater screen. The tint of the 3D glasses you wear to watch these movies makes the pictures on the screen appear darker than they do without the glasses on.

So, if you want to watch a lot of 3D content, then you may want to go with a brilliant white projector screen paint to maximize your enjoyment. And if you're looking for the best 3D projector, check out our guide on that.

Merlin Portable 3d Projector

Projector Screen Paint Comparison

Following are details of several of the best-selling projector screen paints on Amazon. Remember that a higher price is not always indicative of higher quality or a better choice of paint for your unique home theater setting and situation. Take your time selecting, and your DIY theater screen will serve you for many years!

1. Digital Image Projector Screen Paint - High Definition | 4K - Ultra White

  • Low odor
  • One gallon costs $159.95 plus s & h ($10.99) and covers two coats on a 16 x 10 wall screen
  • Recommended for churches, conference rooms, hotels, and classrooms
  • 50% brighter than a standard white wall
  • Cured and ready to view on in 24 hours
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • High contrast/high resolution 1080p
  • Roll on or use a sprayer
ultra white hd screen paint

2. Pro Screen HD Projection / Projector Screen Paint 1080P Full HD Quality

  • Formulated with ultra-high titanium dioxide with powdered glass additive
  • 1 quart costs $59.95 and covers 80 square feet of wall area
  • Compatible with 1080p, 4K, 3D, and Blu-ray
  • Reduces ambient lighting effects
  • Neutral light-grey finish
  • Apply with a foam roller

3. Paint on Screen Projector Screen Paint 3D4K Light Grey Silver with 2.4 Gain

  • Compatible with 1080p. HD, Active 3D, and 4K
  • Provides the most value to large venues
  • Most demanded digital screen paint
  • Available in quart and gallon sizes
  • 1.5 gain or 2.4 gain formulations
  • Absolute neutral color shift
  • Costs $189 per quart
  • Roll or spray on

Once you have the paint, take some extra time prepping the wall space that you will use as your movie screen. Use a sanding pad to smooth out any rough-textured areas. Fill in small holes with drywall mud and sand smooth before applying the white primer coat before the actual screen paint. Going the extra mile at this stage makes a lot of difference in the quality of the final product.

before vs after

High-tech projector screen paints like those listed above can maximize the enjoyment of your home theater setup and save you a lot of money in the long run. Choosing the best home projector paint for your budget and setting is important. Even the most expensive and feature-loaded home projector cannot create a stellar picture when the screen it is aimed at is inferior.


My name is Steve Scott. Father of 2 and owner of Outdoor Movie HQ. I’ve been involved in the A/V industry for most of my life and built this blog to help people better understand projector technology. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

How To Hang A Projector Screen – A Quick Guide on How To Do It Yourself

A projector screen is a must if you wish to have a cinematic experience at home for movies or even for gaming purposes. Fortunately, hanging a projector screen does not have to be a grueling experience although it will definitely take some effort. Here are simple steps you should follow:

Steps to Follow

  1. Determine the exact location where the projector screen should be hung from and use a ladder to properly determine these critical areas.
  2. Use a stud sensor to determine which parts of the ceiling joists are appropriate for the screen to hang from.
  3. Mark the areas of the ceiling which the stud sensor indicates as the appropriate places to hang the screen from. You will know these places by the sound of beeping noises coming from the sensor.
  4. Use a measuring tape to determine the width of the screen and use the determined width to mark the area of the ceiling where the next mounting should be attached.
  5. When all the appropriate areas of the ceiling joists are marked, place the brackets at the center of each joist so that the screws will anchor the bracket.
  6. Once centered, mark the holes in the bracket where the screws will go through and you can now start drilling holes. Make sure you drill vertically; otherwise, the screws will be slanted which will be problematic.
  7. Use a screwdriver to screw the bracket to the stud. It would be better if the screws on each side of the screen would be tightened alternately with the help of another person. Make sure you do not over tighten the screws.

Hanging A Projector Screen

Finally, you now have the projector screen ready for use. Test it out to see if it works well and if it does not, do the necessary adjustments.

During the process of hanging or mounting the screen, do not forget to check out the manual that comes with the projector screen. Sadly, there are times wherein the manual that comes with the projector is not really of great help even if you’re buying the best projector brand. However, most of the time, the manual usually lays out important tips you should follow in hanging the projector screen. Hence, you should still not skip on it as there may be important details highlighted in there.

Top TV Wall Mounts to Install in 5 Minutes or Less

cr1 curved tv wall mount

The TV sets of yore were bulky ones. They were also unapologetically rectangular in form. This means that these TV sets were usually placed in tables or cabinet like contraptions in order to stand and be used.

Nowadays, the modern TV set is a slim one. The rise of flat screen LCD’s has erased the boxy reputation of the past TV’s. This allows the TV sets to be mounted in different ways.

TV sets can be mounted using their very own feet, much like the older TV’s. However, the TV’s of today can be mounted via the walls. The latter proves to be the more elegant choice of the two. This article will list down the best TV counts in the market right now.

Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount


  • The VMPL50A is a tilting wall mount
  • It has the Virtual Axis Tilting System
  • The ProSet feature is made available by Sanus
  • It has a depth of 1.81 inches
  • It can accommodate TV sizes from 32 inches up to 70 inches in size
  • It can tilt up to 9 degrees
  • The VMPL50A can carry a TV that weighs up to 150 pounds
  • The VMPL50A can be had in black color configuration only
  • The width of the product is 30 inches
  • It is 18.50 inches tall
  • The VMPL50A has universal mounting

Versatility of the VMPL50A

The VMPL50A by Sanus is an all-purpose TV wall mount. It is quite flexible in the kinds of TV sets that is compatible with its system.

As stated in its spec sheet, the VMPL50A can accommodate varying sizes of TV sets ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches in size. This means that the VMPL50A is quite compatible with most of the available TV sizes save for the really big ones. It is also quite easy to adjust ones it has already been hanged.

The VMPL50A can also carry TV sets as heavy as 150 pounds. This enables the product to be compatible with many TV models. The 32-70 inch 150 pounders is arguably one of the best brackets that a TV mount could serve and the VMPL50A is inside the aforementioned bracket.

Physical looks, fit and finish

The VMPL50A will not win any design contest and that is the intended effect. Luxury type TV mounts might stray into the bling designs of furnitures but the VMPL50A is utilitarian to a fault. However, the preceding statement does not mean that the VMPL50A is not pleasant to look at.

Sanus saw fit to endow the VMPL50A with a sleek and slim look. This is only fitting as this product will also be handling, at least for the most part, sleek and slim flat screens. Ensuring that the VMPL50A will have the aforementioned look means that said product will blend in with the other products that it will handle.

The VMPL50A is made up of heavy gauge steel. This means that the steel used in this product are thicker than usual. This allows the VMPL50A to handle heavy objects. The specification tells us that this particular product can handle up to 150 pounds of load. The heavy gauge steel allows such load to be handled by the VMPL50A.

VMPL50A tv wall mount

Finishing the utilitarian look of the VMPL50A is the semi-gloss black finish used in the coating This particular finish was chosen by Sanus to enable the VMPL50A to blend in with the TV set that it will be handling. Again, this is in keeping with the utilitarian design that Sanus has in mind for the VMPL50A.

Special Features of the VMPL50A

The spec sheet of the VMPL50A hinted on some of the special features that Sanus saw fit to endow this particular product. The following are the more apparent ones.

  • Virtual Axis Tilting System
  • ProSet

ProSet allows the user to have an all-encompassing control of the VMPL50A. Proset gives its customer a complete set of manual controls over the device. This is very useful in fine tuning the position of the TV set once said TV set, along with the VMPL50, has been mounted. Proset allows the customer to tackle with the minutiae of the adjustment options afforded by said feature.

The focus of the Virtual Axis Tilting System is quite the opposite with the aforementioned ProSet feature. The Virtual Axis Tilting System allows you to control the tilt of the VMPL50A with just the push of one button. Clearly, the focus here is in automatization of the whole process. In contrast, ProSet gives of a multitude of manual controls.

The VMPL50A also has less known features that complete the package. One of those is the choice of Sanus to go with push button snaps to affix the brackets that goes with all wall mounts to the back of the TV set. Sanus went away with the usual bars, locks and keys system and it shows their commitment to more safety features. That is because the push button snap system is far more safer than the usual system in place. The widespread bars, locks and keys are prone to errors. Sometimes, the keys will be gone after prolonged use.

Installation Tips for Novices

Installation is rather easy for the VMPL50A. The focus of Sanus seems to be in making this product easy to install in order to entice more buyers. Sanus even provides an app to further ease the installation process. Said app is aptly named as the Sanus Install Kit App. A power drill is always handy in the totality of the installation process. Other than that, most of the needed things are supplied in the package that comes along with the VMPL50A.

The most important tip, however, is to read the installation manual. Almost all the needed information for the whole process is in the manual. Learn to trust it as Sanus has done an excellent job.


  • Excellent range of TV sets can be accommodated
  • The system is very safe
  • Easy installation process
  • The ProSet allows for many choices for customization


  • TV sets that are bigger or smaller than the allowable range cannot be accommodated

Common Questions

What stuff will I need for installation?


  • 7/32” Drill Bit
  • ⅜” Masonry Bit
  • ½” Socket Wrench
  • Awl
  • Electric Drill
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Stud Finder
How will I know of my TV set is compatible with the Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A)?

Answer: The best way to check for compatibility is to check the size and weight of your TV set. More often than not, a TV set that is within the 32-70 inch range and weighs no more than 150 pounds are compatible with the Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A).

Can this mount tilt right to left or up and down?

Answer: Yes the Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A) is capable of all the actions mentioned above.

VideoSecu ML531BE


  • The VideoSecu ML531BE is compatible with TV models ranging from 22 inches to 42 inches
  • The VideoSecu ML531BE is also compatible with some 55 inch TV sets
  • The product comes with 4 removable mount adaptors
  • The product weighs around 10 pounds
  • The VideoSecu ML531BE can accommodate TV sets that weighs up to 88 pounds
  • The frame of this product is made up of heavy gauge steel
  • Its tilt is measured at +15/-5 degrees
  • It can swivel up to 180 degrees

All-round Excellence

The VideoSecu ML531BE is commonly hailed as the best choice for TV wall mounts and the reasons are staggering. Like the VMPL50A, the VideoSecu ML531BE is also quite affordable.

However, that does not mean that the VideoSecu ML531BE is wanting because of its affordable price. Like the VMPL50A, the VideoSecu ML531BE is packed to the brim with features. To put it simply, the VideoSecu ML531BE just works.

Compatibility of the Product

The VideoSecu ML531BE is quite compatible with a lot of TV sets. This is very crucial because this is one of the most important aspect of a TV mount. A durable mount is not very useful if it’s compatibility with the TV sets is close to nil.

TV mounts are regarded by most as mere accessories for their TV and incompatibility is a major sin for any mount. Luckily, the VideoSecu ML531BE is a beast in this regard.

The VideoSecu ML531BE can support TV models ranging from 22 inches to 42 inches. Some TV models can even be supported up 55 inches. The VideoSecu ML531BE can also support TV models up to 88 pounds. Admittedly, the weight threshold that the VideoSecu ML531BE is low when compared to other TV mounts. However, most TV sets will not exceed the said threshold anyway.

Hypertension, Mobility and Looks

VideoSecu touts the full motion capability of the VideoSecu ML531BE. What this means is that this product is very flexible in the adjustment of the placement of your TV set once it is within the embrace of the VideoSecu ML531BE.

As stated in the spec sheet, the VideoSecu ML531BE has a +15/-5 degree tilt ability. It also has 180 degrees worth of swivel. If that wasn’t enough, the VideoSecu ML531BE can also be adjusted to place the TV screen 20 inches from the wall. That last bit of adjustment is ahead of irs competitors.

The VideoSecu ML531BE also has a thin profile. It has a 2.2 inch profile giving the mount a sexy look. important to note that most products at this price range usually aims for a utilitarian look to hide its price. Although the VideoSecu ML531BE is still utilitarian, the svelte look gives it a better look than most.

VideoSecu ML531BE tv wall mount 2

The thin profile might worry you because thinness is usually associated with frailty. However, the VideoSecu ML531BE is not plagued by that assumption. The guys at VideoSecu saw fit to use a comparably strong heavy gauge steel to ensure the toughness of the frame.


  • The VideoSecu ML531BE is quite cheap but able
  • Said product is compatible with a lot of TV models
  • The VideoSecu ML531BE is fully adjustable owing to the aforementioned features


  • The VideoSecu ML531BE can only support up to 88 pounds worth of TV

Questions and Answers

How will I know if my TV is compatible with the VideoSecu ML531BE?

Answer: Most TV sets that are within the 22-42 inch threshold are compatible with the VideoSecu ML531BE. For those within in the 43-55 inch range, it’s better to know about the VESA requirements of said TV model. Of course, said TV must be weighing 88 pounds or less.

Does it come with a hardware to mount?

Answer: Yes, the VideoSecu ML531BE comes with hardware to mount.

What other items are included in the package?

Answer: It usually comes with an HDI cable and a level. However, it really depends on where you will buy this product.

Loctek R2


  • The Loctek R2 can accommodate TV sets ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches
  • This product can accommodate curved.screens, as well as flat ones
  • The Loctek R2 has six (6) articulating arms
  • This mount is UL certified to carry a maximum of 396 pounds
  • This mount is made up of cold hard steel, enabling the Loctek R2 to carry as much load as what was certified as mentioned in the preceding sentence
  • The tilting angle is at -2/+12 degrees to reduce glare
  • The Loctek R2 supports VESA 200 by 100 and 600 by 400

Curved Goodness

Most of the TV market is still dominated by the flatscreens. However, the curved display concept has slowly permeated across the current technologies. Smartphones, for one, has dabbled with curved displays. At the forefront of this are LG and Samsung, with the latter gaining much success. Their current Galaxy and Note series employ a sort of curved display at the edges.

image of a Curved Tv

The TV market has also experienced a renaissance of sorts with new designs involving curved displays although, as mentioned above, the market share for curved displays remains small. This means that searching for TV mounts that caters to curved displays is a little harder. This market usually tries to adapt to the TV market and it usually does once said adaptation connotes to business success.

Loctek is one the few TV mount manufacturers that are not waiting for curved displays to be mainstream. They understand that some consumers has already started adopting to curved screens, thereby giving them a niche to operate upon. This alone gives the Loctek R2 a big feature design that separates it from other wall mounts.

Compatibility of the Loctek R2

Of course, any product that only relies on one winning feature is bound to fail. Loctek R2 avoids that by putting the other basic features that TV mounts need in order to become a viable purchase for buyers. As already mentioned elsewhere in this review, compatibility with existing TV models is one of the key features that any TV mount should have to remain competitive.

The Loctek R2 is compatible with a lot of TV models in the market. It can accommodate models that are within the 32 to 70 inch range. While its range is lesser than the VideoSecu ML531BE, at least with regards to the inch size, the Loctek R2 can accommodate bigger models compared to the ML531BE.

The Loctek R2 is also compatible with flarscreens.

The Frame and Look

Loctek R2 tv wall mount 2

Loctek R2 is, to put it basically, built like a tank. This mount can support TV as heavy as 396 pounds. That’s more than the both the Sanus and the VideoSecu products combined in their respective weight allotments.

This feature allows the Loctek R2 to be compatible with the heaviest of the TV sets available in the market. Granted, most TV sets are less than half of that weight but niche customers might have super large TV sets that needs mounting. Who knows, a gaming TV might arrive with a lot weight. This feature is clearly geared for the future.

The frame of the Loctek R2 is the key ingredient in allowing said product to carry that much weight. The frame is cold rolled hard steel that has been UL certified. To cut to the chase, this basically means that the Loctek R2’s frame is just too strong.

Questions and Answers

What is a UL certification?

Answer: A UL certification simply means that a product bearing said mark has passed the safety tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories. UL has been existence for more than a hundred years and has sites in more than forty countries.

What are the compatible TV models with the Loctek R2?

Most TV models ranging from 32 to 70 inches. To be sure, check the VESA classification of your TV set as the Loctek R2 is compatible with those who are of the 200 by 100 and 600 by 400 variants.

Can this be a single stud operation?

Answer: This is not a single stud operation. Multiple studs are needed.

The Best Product

Loctek R2 tv wall mount

All three products chosen here are arguably the best of the TV mounts that are available in the market right now. Choosing one of will mean that you have made a good purchasing choice. However, this review will not be a cop-out. We will choose a determinative winner out of the three products.

As stated above, the VideoSecu ML531BE has been hailed by most others as the best TV mount in the market right now because of its price and the features that it currently posses. However, this review is not about the race for the bottom. While cheapness is a good quality especially for those who want to save, quality is the centerpiece for this review. As such, this review elects to go against popular opinion and to crown another product as the best one in the market.

Arguably the best TV mount in the market right now is the Loctek R2. This choice hinges on on defining feature that is very important for TB mounts.

  • Compatibility

TV mounts are not like other appliances. Where other appliances warrant their own existence because of their own, TV mounts rely on TV sets to perpetuate their existence. As such, any TV mount should be compatible with a wide range of TV models to remain competitive.

The Loctek R2 satisfies that requirement and then some. Said product can accommodate curved screen TV’s as well as flat screen ones from 32 to 70 inches size formats. While curved screen products are still in its nascent stage of adoption, the fact that the Loctek R2 is compatible with said product speak volumes of its commitment to compatibility.

Of course, making curved screen TV’s is still a gamble at this point of time because, as stated above, it’s still in its nascent stage. However, the Loctek R2 can also handle standard flat screen models so there will be no problem if you have the latter.

The UL certification also sweetens the deal. The Loctek R2 is able to handle more than 300 pounds of weight, allowing it to handle the heaviest of the TV models out there.

The twin features of curved display compatibility and UL certification for 300 plus pounds ensures that the Loctek R2 will not be obsolete for the foreseeable future.

Question and Answer Portion

Question Answers
Which is the best TV mount in the market right now?

Answer: The Loctek R2 is arguably the best TV mount in the market right now. It supports curved displays and can carry ones as heavy as 300 pounds. Its features are basically future proofed.

Which is the most versatile TV mount in the market?

Answer: The Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A) is arguably the most versatile TV mount in the market right now. It has compatibility with most TV models and can be adjusted in many ways.

Which is the best-bang-for-the-buck TV mount in the market?

Answer: The VideoSecu ML531BE is the best budget TV mount in the market. It cost less than 59 dollars and is compatible with most TV models ranging from 22 to 55 inches

Which is the most adjustable TV mount in the market?

Answer: The Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A) has the best adjustment features in the market.

  • Virtual Axis Tilting System
  • ProSet

This twin features allow for a seamless yet powerful adjustment set-up, enabling the user to tweak the settings to his/her heart’s content.

Which TV mount can handle the most weight?

Answer: The Loctek R2 can handle up to 396 pounds of weight. However, almost all TV sets weigh less than 100 pounds. This is most probably a future proofing move.

Which TV mount has the best external fit and finish out of the 3 mentioned here?

Answer: Arguably, the Loctek R2 has the best fit and finish among those three. While the other two (2) products mentioned here aimed for a more utilitarian feel, the Loctek R2 comes with a better fit and finish, with beautiful articulating arms.

Which TV mount has the most compatibility with most TV models?

Answer: The Loctek R2 wins in the compatibility field as it can support both curved and flat displays, as well as having a ridiculous load limit.

The Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A) can also make the case as it supports a wide range of TV sizes and its load limit is not too shabby either.

Which TV mount is the best-all-rounder?

Answer: All rounder means that said product is a jack of all trades in its respective field.

All three products are considerable all-rounders and all three satisfies the answer above.

Which TV mount is the easiest to install?

Answer: The Sanus Systems Visionmount Tilt Mount (VMPL50A) has an app dedicated for installation. Said app guide users on the whole installation process. This feature makes this product as the easiest product to install out of the three.

Which product is the thinnest?

Answer: VideoSecu ML531BE svelte profiles, at 2.2 inches, gives it a sexy look that the other two are hard pressed to emulate. So if you want a thin but still strong TV mount, the VideoSecu ML531BE is the way to go.

Top 32 Inch T.V. Displays in the Market (2019) – Our Honest Review

32 Inch TVS are the most commonly bought TVs. They make a perfect addition to a bedroom, office or work exceptionally well as a gaming monitor. In this review we’re going to dive into our 3 top picks for different budgets and needs and hopefully help you find a product that fits your needs.

1. Best Product for Gaming – TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model)


  • 32 inches sized screen
  • The TCL S305 720p Roku TV has the following connections:
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Audio Input
  • Composite Video Input
  • Headphones
  • The following are the supported audio formats:
    • AAC
    • AC3
    • AIFF
    • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) MP3
    • PCM
    • WAV
    • WMA
  • The following are the supported picture formats:
    • GIF
    • JPG
    • PNG
  • The following are the supported video formats:
    • H.264
    • MKV
    • MOV
    • MP4
    • TS
  • The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) weighs around 9 pounds
  • The display uses a LED-backlit LCD screen
  • This product measures at 28.9 inches in width
  • This product also has a height of 17.1
  • It’s display format is rated at 720p
  • Its screen has a refresh rate of 60 hertz

Design Specifics – Weight/Height/Functionality

As implied above, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) is a no frills appliance. That’s not to say that this product is boring. However, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) does have a basic display. You will find no curved screens here. That, on its own, is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a curved screen is ok but a flat screen can do the job just fine.

A noticeable improvement from last years model (from TCL) is this year’s “feet”. The feet that I’m referring to is the plastic feet that keeps the monitor in an upright position.The design of such is noticeably better than last year’s. Although do take note that this year’s stand is a bit bigger  The people in TCL most probably thought that a wider set would give it more stability if used in an upright position. You will  needing a bigger table if you are thinking of propping the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) on one.

The back of the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) continues the no frills, utilitarian design that so emanates the rest of the product.  In other words, the back of the t.v. is as basic as it gets. However, the top half is is made up of metal. Such decision enables the back to have, at least, a touch of inspiration. The inputs located at the back are composite in nature and are easily accessible.

Bezels and Thickness

This product exhibits 1.8 centimeter bezels. To be sure, the small bezels allows the product to showcase its screen prowess. The bezel measurement, at least in the t.v. world, are pedestrian in nature. Such is the advance of the industry as a whole in minimizing bezels and borders.

The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) thickness is measured at 7.5 centimeters. Again, at least within the industry, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) can be classified as neither too thick nor too thin. It is somewhere in the middle. Mounting the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) on the wall may give some problems because of the prominence of the lip but a slight adjustment will fix this problem should it arise.

How Strong Is The TCL S305?

The build quality of the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) is rather adequate. Again, the name of the game in this price point is simplicity. The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model)’s frame is more than enough to handle the stresses that television sets will suffer throughout its use, which is not much anyway.

The surface of the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) reveals a plastic surface (except for the metal part mentioned above). The plastic used in this product feels cheap. This is not a problem for most buyers as the majority of them will spend their time a few feet away from the screen. When you do touch the product, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) boast a more than adequate temperature control. The in-device temperature usually hovers between 34 to 37 degrees Celsius. The heat generated is also distributed evenly throughout the product.

Display Quality – Better Than Other Models?

The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) boasts a decent high definition display right out of the bat. The product exudes decent color reproduction. The screen, however, is not that bright. It is advisable to use the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) in dimly lit rooms in order to maximize the display prowess of said product. As such, said product must not be used in areas where ambient light is sufficient as the display performance will suffer because of its lower brightness capacity. This is another chink in this product’s metaphorical armor and customers who want to view videos outside the house are better served by other products.

The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) also has poor viewing angles although this is not much of a problem when compared with phones. This is because television sets are, more or less, stationary. However, this statement comes with a caveat. A large audience may not be possible with the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) because, more often than not, the edges of the crowd will be situated in a way where the display of the screen will wash out because of the poor viewing angles. The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) is designed solely for private entertainment.

The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) display does have an excellent element to its credit. The product boast of an excellent contrast measured at around 3500:1. This means that the color reproduction, when contrasted with the color black, is excellent. Compared to products like the Epson EX3220, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) will always have the better display. However, the former has a brighter display than the latter.


  • Excellent price for the package
  • Decent screen
  • Excellent Temperature control
  • Excellent contrast
  • Commendable bezel thickness


  • The display is dimmer than the average
  • Plasticky fit and finish
[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”TCL S305 720p Roku TV” description=”The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) display does have an excellent element to its credit. The product boast of an excellent contrast measured at around 3500:1. This means that the color reproduction, when contrasted with the color black, is excellent. ” thumb=”” ]

2. Samsung UN32J6300 – Best High-End 32 Inch TV


  • The Samsung UN32J6300 has a Full HD (High-Definition) 1080p Display
  • LED technology is present in this product
  • The Samsung UN32J6300 has a quad core processor
  • It stands at 18.6 inches tall with a stand
  • It weighs around 12.1 pounds
  • The display of the Samsung UN32J6300 is capable of 120 hertz refresh rate
  • This product has the following connectivity options:
    • HDMI
    • Component Video
    • Composite Video
  • The Samsung UN32J6300 is Energy Star Compliant
  • This product has Smart T.V. features

Fit and Finish 

The premium fit and finish that Samsung afforded to the Samsung UN32J6300’s larger siblings are apparent in this one. One can find the stand below the monitor and the attention to detail to said stand is evident. Said stand is afforded with a brushed silver trim. This sets the tone for the rest of the product in the field of fit and finish.

The backplate is also a joy to touch. Samsung saw fit to endow the UN32J6300 with a blue-tinged plastic with decorative patterns that are executive with an embroidery finish. This was directly imported from the more expensive models of the J3600 line. The bezels of this particular product has also been trimmed down significantly. In effect, Samsung is trying to showcase their excellent display technology that is available in the UN32J6300. This is also in keeping with the trend of today where bezels are minimized. This trend has also expanded to the realm of smartphones.

The back of the UN32J6300 reveals a set of ports. The following can be found at the back.

  • HDMI ports
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Component/Composite jacks
  • RF ports
  • Headphone Jack
  • Digital Audio Out
  • RS-232C

The inclusion of the HDMI port is of special interest as most small television sets don’t have one. It is evident that Samsung wants its products, like the UN32J6300, to be versatile.

Smart T.V. Features UN32J6300

Missing, however, in the UN32J6300 that is present on its more pricier (and bigger) siblings is the ability to interact with the product via voice and motion. You’ll have to make do with the included remote. The other Smart T.V. features, like the contextual buttons, are still present here and are very useful in interacting with the built-in web browser. Said web browser further cements the identity of the UN32J6300 as a Smart T.V.

However, Hulu, Netflix and other streaming services are also present. The UN32J6300, as mentioned above, is also equipped with a web browser in keeping with its “Smart T.V.” tag. The problem is that said feature feels like it is inadequate for its purpose. However, the same is also true for most Smart T.V.’s with built in web browsers. This is not a problem that is exclusive to the UN32J6300. At the very least, you’ll have a web browser to use but it is more practical to use a PC or a smartphone for your web browser needs. This SMART features are largely absent for projectors and those who want to use said features should think otherwise in using said product.

Samsung Display Features

As stated above, Samsung is one of the leaders in screen display and it shows on the UN32J6300. The product at hand has a fairly excellent screen that is also endowed with smart features. For instance, the screen can be calibrated and/or modified to get the best of results. The following are the parts of the display that can be customized.

  • White Balance
  • Color Gamut
  • Backlight
  • Color and Contrast

There are also several audio options. Picture enhancement features are also present. One of which is Samsung’s very own Auto Motion Plus.

The quality of the UN32J6300’s screen is very evident when you use to watch the videos itself or when streaming from Netflix. The content is represented in a way that will surely please the viewers. The already excellent display is augmented by Samsung’s Micro Dimming Pro feature. This allows the UN32J6300 to create better blacks. Of course, the LCD panel that is being used here is no rival for the AMOLED screens in terms of black color reproduction. Nonetheless, the aforementioned feature improves the ability and clarity of the LCD screen.

The preceding feature comes with a cost. Although it helps in producing better black levels, the Micro Dimming Pro and the VA panel conspire to give the UN32J6300 less than stellar viewing angles. This means that one must look directly towards the screen in order to get the best viewing experience. Thankfully, color accuracy is unaffected.


  • The UN32J6300 has one of the best displays in the 32 inch market
  • The fit and finish of the product is excellent
  • Excellent black color levels
  • Display optimization features are pretty handy


  • Poor viewing angles
[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”Samsung UN32J6300″ description=”The product at hand has a fairly excellent screen that is also endowed with smart features. For instance, the screen can be calibrated and/or modified to get the best of results.” thumb=”” ]

3. LG LH550B (Best Value 32 Inch)



  • The LG LH550B has a 720p HD (High-Definition) display
  • It also has Smart T.V. functionality under the LG Smart TV operating system
  • It is an Energy Star qualified product
  • It has a LCD screen
  • The following are the available inputs:
    • 2 HDMI ports
    • 1 USB port
    • 1 RF input
    • 1 Composite input
    • 1 Component input
    • 1 Ethernet input
    • 1 Optical input
    • 1 RS232C
  • The LG LH550B has a 60 hertz refresh rate
  • LG saw fit to include the 2ch Speaker System
  • Hulu, Netflix and other streaming services are made available by LG in this product
  • Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Built-in and SIMPLINK are available for connectivity
  • The LG LH550B weighs at 8.8 pounds with the stand included

Display and Screen

The screen is of the LCD type. Although it is not an AMOLED screen, the display of the LH550B is more than enough to satisfy the average viewer. LG’s triple XD engine is largely responsible for the near-excellent display of this product. The images are good and smooth. The display also delivers crisp images. Color accuracy is also quite good. This could come in handy when watching sports as some sports will entail a full court view. Players may look small and only the color my differentiate them from the other team. 

However, downsides are also observable in the screen. Black levels are not that good, reminding us that this is no AMOLED screen. Viewing angles tend to be poor as an effect. Large groups won’t be able to appreciate the viewing experience because those at the sides will be victims of the poor viewing angles. The display is not so vibrant because it only has average saturation. Again, this is not the fault of the display but the technology that LG chose to put inside the LH550B. LCD’s can only do so much when compared with the more capable AMOLED screens.

On the flipside, the LH550B uses direct LED backlighting instead of the more common edge-lit type. To make the story short, common edge-lit backlighting is more than sufficient for bigger T.V. models. However, smaller T.V.’s like the LH550B will suffer from poorer backlighting if the edge-lit method is used owing to the smaller frame. Direct LED backlighting aims to mitigate said physical defect.

To be sure, the LG LH550B’s display is very bright but it’s better to use outdoor projectors when you’re watching a movie outside because the latter is a more elegant solution.


Being a Smart TV, the LG LH550B is connected with the usual streaming services. The following are among the streaming services that can be accessed through this product.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Hulu Plus
  • VUDU
  • YouTube
  • Google Play Movies and TV

LG LH550B also supports a multitude of video formats. This means that you are not restricted to streaming services. This is a good consideration as this will enable you to eschew the Smart TV functionality and just go old school and use your own media. The following are the video formats supported:

  • DivX HD
  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • MPO
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital)
  • EAC3
  • HAAC
  • AAC
  • MPEG
  • MP3
  • PCM,
  • DTS

Fit and Finish

The LG LH550B’s design will not win any awards. LG went for an understated design. This means that the LG LH550B is utilitarian in form. Whether you will like it or not depends on your preference. However, the stand needs some work as it is not large enough to comfortably support the monitor if used in an upright position. Still, said product is much more easier to set-up than most projectors but the latter has some huge advantages that the former lacks.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”LG LH550B” description=”Being a Smart TV, the LG LH550B is connected with the usual streaming services. LG’s triple XD engine is largely responsible for the near-excellent display of this product.” thumb=”” ]

The Winner – What is the Top Choice for 32 Inch TV?

The question right now revolves around the best 32 inch television set among the chosen one. Before we get to that, it’s worth mentioning that all of devices mentioned here are excellent on their own right and will surely satisfy you.

However, this article promised to choose the best out of the three products that are mentioned here. Again, this review will not be a cop-out. And the best 32 inch t.v. to buy right now is the Samsung UN32J6300. Here are the following reasons justifying the statement.

  • Great Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Display

Now, all the three products has has good displays and good build quality. However, the Samsung product rises above the rest by the sheer excellence of how it executes the build quality and the screen display.

Both TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) and the LG LH550B has good screens. However, both products use LCD technology instead of AMOLED. This results into a display that has only average black level production. This may result into a slightly fuzzy image because the black color serves as the boundary/demarcation for the other colors.

While the Samsung UN32J6300 also uses an LCD panel, it included two technologies that mitigate the inherent problems of using an LCD panel.

  • Micro Dimming Pro
  • Smart Features (Display Optimization)

Samsung’ Micro Dimming Pro feature is aimed directly at combating the perennial problem of LCD displays, which is the abysmal black level production. Said featured allows the UN32J6300 to create better black levels, albeit still inferior when compared against AMOLED displays.

Samsung UN32J6300, being a SMART TV, also has tricks up its metaphorical sleeves. Special note is to be taken to it’s ability to calibrate the display. Said feature greatly improves the display quality of the UN32J6300. The two features mentioned above insures that the has the advantage in the display against the other to products.

The fit and finish of the Samsung UN32J6300 is also decisively much better than the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) and the LG LH550B. Samsung’s usage of the silver trims and better surface material means that the is comfortable to touch and pleasant to look at. The other two products are essentially nondescript, aiming to have a more utilitarian flare.

Do take note that these TV’s are a bit on the heavy side. A projector is much more portable like the Excelvan 2600, which only weighs around 4.5 pounds.

Questions and Answers – 32 Inch Tv Buying Guide

  1. What is the best 32 inch tv in the market right now?

Answer: The Samsung UN32J6300 is arguably the best 32 incher in the T.V. market right now. It’s superior fit and finish as well as the excellent display is much better than competing products.

  1. Which is better, LCD or AMOLED?

Answer: AMOLED screens are better than LCD ones owing to the fact that the former produces better black levels. This enables said display to display crisp images. However, AMOLED screens are hard to come by in the 32 inch tv segment.

  1. Which 32 inch tv model is best suited for gaming?

Answer: The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model). Gamers for the most part, should take note of the refresh rate of the tv. While the Samsung UN32J6300 may boast 120 hertz refresh rate, actual usage shows that it’s refresh rate is closer to 60 hertz. This discrepancy is due to the different measurements used by Samsung.

On the other hand, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch mode) boast an actual refresh rate of 120 hertz. This means that the images being displayed will look smoother during motion and this is very important for gamers as this will remove undue lag that may cost them the game.

Of course, projectors are a lot more cheaper and bigger but they tend to sacrifice clarity.

  1. What is the best budget 32 inch in the market?

Answer: The TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch mode) is the best budget 32 incher. It has all the essential specifications allowing it to compete with products that are priced higher.

5.Which is the best 32 inch SMART TV?

Answer: Arguably, all the three products here are the best of their class. All three have adequate “SMART” features and all are connected with the needed streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Samsung’s decision to withhold the Tizen platform from the UN32J6300 leveled the playing field.

  1. What is the best 32 inch tv for console gaming?

Answer: None. Most of the best television sets for gaming consoles are better served by pricier and bigger T.V. models. With that being said, the TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) is of note because it has the best refresh rate out of the devices mentioned in this article.

  1. Which is the best 32 inch T.V. in terms of display?

Answer: Samsung UN32J6300. Although it shares the infirmities of other TV’s who use LCD screens, the UN32J6300 mitigates this by having the Micro Dimming Pro feature.

  1. Which is the best 32 inch TV in terms of fit and finish?

Answer: Samsung UN32J6300. Other products in this range are sticking to a nondescript utilitarian style to mask the fact that most of the products in sad range are entry-level ones. The UN32J6300 is an exception as Samsung went all out and bestowed silver trims and nice-to-touch materials in said product.

  1. Which 32 inch T.V. supports Netflix and other streaming services?

Answer: All three of the mentioned in here are capable of supporting Netflix, Hulu and other well known streaming services. This is in keeping with the SMART TV status. However, TCL S305 720p Roku TV (32 inch model) has the Roku functionality. This gives it a specific edge.

  1. Are bigger TV’S better than smaller ones like the 32 inchers?

Answer: Yes. Most manufacturers tend to cram better specs on bigger TV’s that  smaller ones. This bucks the miniaturization trend that has become evident to other products. Of course, those who are seeking smaller TV’s like the 32 inchers are those who would like to keep their expenditure to a minimum.

11. Why is the LG LH550B considered as the “Best Value” product in this review?

Answer: The LG LH550B price is nestled between the other two products that are reviewed in this article. This goes to show that the LG LH550B is marketed as a median device. It is not so expensive but also escapes from the label of “cheap device”. Furthermore, the specs of the LG LH550B is well positioned and is capable relative to its price.

Camp Chef OS-144 Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen

Camp Chef OS-144 Indoor

I like this screen because it’s affordable, easy to setup, and can turn any area into a mini-theater.

The size is decent too, 144 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is perfect for widescreen movies. There’s also no need to worry about image loss as the material is made from high quality oxford nylon.

If you already have a projector and you’re just looking for a screen that you can use outdoors, this one is perfect. It’s the best price for the largest screen.

Just remember that it’s not the sturdiest model around, and it can easily fall over unless the frame is secured. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, I recommend this movie screen.

The frame is assembled first, and then you hook the movie screen to the frame with latches, and once completed, the screen should be perfectly smooth.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”Camp Chef OS-144 Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen” description=”This is a standard movie screen, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor viewings. The screen is attached to a solid light-weight metal frame that can be assembled in a matter of minutes.” thumb=”” ]