Best Movies to Watch Outside for Kids

Best Movies to Watch Outside for Kids

Watching a movie with your kids in your backyard can be a fun experience. There are tons of movies to watch with your little ones. For a great outdoor movie night in your backyard, you can get some popcorn, pizza, cookies, and drinks to add to the experience. Whether your kids like adventure flicks or are up for a popular thriller, setting up an outdoor movie with good seats, a solid screen and a handy projector will give you a night of excitement. If you’re wanting to watch Game of Thrones or some other popular HBO series, I’d suggest looking into a VPN server that can allow you to watch Netflix.

Don’t forget to complement it with a good sound system. Here are some movies you can enjoy with your kids outdoors:

For more info on picking the best outdoor setup, please check our guides:

1.     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The movie begins with the astounding mechanism of the factory in the opening titles. This is a must-watch for today’s kids to revive the magic of the 1964 classic children’s book by British author Roald Dahl. The movie looks amazing outdoors as when the five kids along with their guardians are let inside the factory, there is a lot of imagination that comes alive on the screen. With sugary scenery encompassing gumdrop trees, chocolate rivers and rock candy Mountains, Willy Wonka, the factory’s owner has a series of unexpected surprises planned for everyone.

As the tour of this fantastical playground begins, a highly entertaining movie night takes its course.  From Oompa Loompas to the hum-along songs of the movie, it is a sheer joy to watch with kids who may identify with some of the characters.

2.     Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Modern literature’s greatest boy wizard, Harry Potter, embarks on his first adventure in the first movie of the series. The mystical happenings at Hogwarts are brought to life on screen and will turn your backyard into a magical land. With loads of computer effects to create gravity-defying action scenes, it successfully creates the same magic as that of the book. Readers who wondered how a game of Quidditch be visualized would be thrilled to watch it.

What’s more? A chess game with life-size pieces, a room full of flying keys, a dark forest where a despicable creature bullies Harry, and the dark shadows of the hidden passages and dungeons, it’s just another world for your kids who probably weren’t even born when the movie first came out. This kid-friendly adaptation of book compels viewers of all ages to believe in magic.

3.      Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon is David Lowery’s reconstruction of the Disney animated musical in 1977. It narrates a story about a boy and his best friend who is a dragon. The movie offers you the real feel of a jungle with birds chirping, wind creaking and streams running. Unlike the noises you hear on cartoons, the kids will enjoy the distinctive sounds of the dragon as he re-positions his belly on the forest floor.

The movie does a great job at feeding the curiosity of your children throughout who wonder if Pete would save Elliott from being captured as they get lost in the wonders of a boy-dragon friendship. This movie will be a lot of fun to watch if your kids let their imagination run wild.

4.     BFG


The tale is about a sweet London orphan, Sophie, who gets kidnapped by BFG and taken away to the land of the giants.  The perplexed and somewhat sad, the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) keeps dreams in a jar, some good while others scary. This lyrical giant wants to keep Sophie away from experiencing the scary dreams as they say mean things to the dreamers.

The appealing adaptation of the Roald Dahl story, albeit its digital treatment, is a great movie of two living souls who feel they are misfits in their own worlds. This one is guaranteed to keep your kids engrossed for the duration of its runtime. And for you, this will mean a return to the good old days of master filmmaker Steven Spielberg, if you watched ET when it first came out.

5.     Spirited Away

Sprited Away

In future, movies made for children particularly would be me more like Spirited Away. It shows off a dreamy logic that fizzes up in a bizarre universe which functions according to its own rules. There are no fixed depictions of evil and good in the movie. Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese maestro, simply scatters these representations like bouncing balls.

The movie features Chihiro and her parents, who have been turned into pigs. Like all childhood wish fulfillment stories, Chihiro initially enjoys the freedom that comes with it. However, when she has to fight malicious spirits of the universe, the movie takes a turn. The movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature which is a proof of its entertaining qualities and popularity.

6.     How to Train a Dragon

How to Train a Dragon

How to Train a Dragon revolves around the bumpy road of growing up. A story of unusual friendships, this movie is instant likeable. This is an adventure that your kids will probably ask you to watch again. Fill your backyard with fantasy, as the movie’s exceptional graphics provide a world that’s full of Vikings, dragons and lots of family drama. It is thoroughly enjoyable every time you play it on your portable outdoor movie screen.

7.     Ratatouille


The movie is absolutely scrumptious, the rats aside. With smooth and rich textures with warm colors, the Parisian streets and the grub itself are a treat to watch. As the sensations of eating and smelling are heightened in the movie, it combines the flavors and the screen fizzes with delight. Some important messages are lined up in this movie for kids. Never fail to experiment and believe in the power of art. With sophisticated and sincere characters, your kids will simply fall in love with the movie as they taste the fresh flavors of crispy dialogues and almost real emotions on the characters’ faces.

Have Fun!

Turn an outdoor movie night in your backyard into a family fiesta with a background theme that suits your movie. Your kids will be in a great mood for the rest of the week!

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