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Motorized projectors are just like a regular projector. Same material, mounting and screen sizes, the only difference is the have an additional remote control operated motorized screen pulldown system which is great to give your home theater a very professional feel.

While you might think they are expensive, the difference is only usually $20-30 dollars. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing some of the best motorized screen that I’ve installed at Outdoor Movie HQ.

Best Motorized Projection Screens - Our Top Picks

Elite Screens Spectrum 1

Hands down the best choice for automated projector screens. I’ve installed over fifty of these things and they are easy to install and really great to have around at the house.

  • 100 Inch Diagonal
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Lots of Different Sizes
  • High Quality Screen Material
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • Active 3D Projection Ready
  • 180 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Water and Mildew Resistant
  • Better for Medium Range Projector
  • Not great for Short Throw
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

The Elite Screen is made of a steel housing which is extremely quick to install. All youneed to do is put the brackets flush to the wall and add the ceiling mountain (hardware included).

There are over 15 available sizes with different aspect ratios. Colors come in choices of matte white or sound transparent material.

Compared to all the other motorized projectors the Elite Screens quality is definitely a few big steps ahead of the competition, especially given the ability to clean it.

Although it’s a little bit pricey, this is worth every cent. Here is a quick video of it in action.

Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9

The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is arguably one of the best projector screens in the market right now. It is relatively easy to setup and can last for a long time. Continue reading to know more about this product.


  • The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9
  • The size of the screen is about 110 inches
  • The product weighs 20.3 pounds or around 9.2 kilograms

The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is compatible with the following projector types:

  • DLP
  • CRT
  • LCD
  • HD
  • 3D
  • Styrofoam packaging is included for additional protection for the product
  • The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen has an energy efficient motor system
  • The device can be remotely operated up to 25 meters via the RF Remote Control Distance feature
  • 1 inch black masking borders is included to enhance the content of the picture
  • The screen has 3 layers to insure the elimination of light penetration
  • The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen has CE Certification

As stated above, the Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is quite an excellent product. Overall, the execution of the whole product is more than adequate.

The motor system tasked for retracting and unfolding the screen is quite silent, ensuring that the audience (if any) will not be surprised or taken aback while the motor system is working.

The screen itself is pretty smooth. This is important as wrinkles may be a detriment in projecting the display in the best way. As mentioned in the specifications, the screen has 3 layers to discourage light penetration.

The device itself is also quite durable. Most of those who ordered the Homegear Motorized Projector Screen via delivery has been more than happy to report that the device was not damaged in anyway whatsoever when delivered. This durability is further exhibited when in use. As stated above, the Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is quite formidable in the test of longevity as it will last for years if properly used and stored.

controller for the homegear 110

There are two ways to control the device. A wireless RF remote control can operate the device up to 25 meters. A wired controller can also operate the device.

Said wired device has about 5 feet worth of wire length. Both options allow for a wide leeway of distance between the user and the device.

About the only downside is the possibility of “waves” which can adversely affect the projection.

Also, if you are looking for an outdoor projector screen, the Elite Screen Yardmaster 2 might be a better choice as the Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is designed for indoor usage.


  • The Homegear Motorized Projector Screen is quite durable
  • The motor system in place is both efficient and dependable
  • The screen itself has three (3) layers to dissuade light penetration
  • The RF remote control promotes ease of use


  • “Waves” and other projection distortions in the screen might happen on some of the Homegear Motorized Projector Screen products
image of the VIVO 100’ Electric Projector Screen

The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is another device that is easy to setup and to operate.

This quality is much needed and also prevalent in every good motorized projector screen because the added components might confuse novice users. Read on to know more about this device.


  • The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen has an aspect ratio of 4 by 3
  • The screen size is measured at about 100 inches
  • A 120 inch variant is also available for those who want a bigger screen
  • Dual Wall and Ceiling Installation Design is included and purportedly durable with metal casing
  • MaxWhite 1.1 is the material used in the screen to ward of light penetration
  • The screen of the VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is cleanable with soap and water
  • The Electric Motor included does not produce sufficient background noise
  • RF Remote with batteries included
  • The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen weighs around 30 pounds or 13.6 kilograms
  • Viewing angle is at 120 degrees

The following kind of projectors are compatible with the VIVO Motorized Projector Screen:

  • LED
  • LCD
  • DLP
  • The following materials are included in the package:
  • VIVO Electric/ Motorized Projector Screen
  • RF Remote Control
  • Batteries for the remote control
  • Instruction Manual

As mentioned above, the VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is quite easy to install. It is quite easy to operate to because of the RF remote that is included.

The availability of a remote control allows the device to be operated at a distance. 

This quality is very important because most projector screens will be mounted on walls and surely will be located at a distance because projection will require some distance.

The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is compatible with LCD and LCD projectors like the Epson 2045. The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is also compatible with DLP projectors.

The range of compatibility assures that your own projector can project while using this screen.

The electric motor assigned to unfold the screen is up to the task. As mentioned above, said electric motor is silent.

It also has easy to discern up and down buttons to facilitate the ease of operation. Of course, the RF remote mentioned above will make things easier.

Of course, the most important part of any projector screen is the screen itself. The screen of the VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is made up of quality material to facilitate the projection.

The screen is multi-layered with matte white with a black border to avoid the dreaded light penetration. Keeping the screen in spotless white condition is fairly easy as said material is easily washable with water and soap.

The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is available in both 100 and 120 inch sizes.


  • Easy installation process will greatly help novices in the usage of this device
  • Compatibility with a wide range of projector types (LED,LCD, DLP)
  • The Electric Motor is efficient and silent to a fault
  • The screen is of high quality
  • The multi-layering of the screen prevents light penetration
  • The screen is easily washable with soap and water


  • The VIVO Motorized Projector Screen is not designed for outside use. This might deter others who want an all-around projector screen.
image of the Pyle 72" Motorized Projector Screen

The guys behind the Pyle Motorized Projector Display designed the product to handle any room condition. This means the Pyle Motorized Projector Display can handle rooms even with ambient light.

Continue reading to know more about the product.


  • The Pyle Motorized Projector Display has a display area of about 72 inches
  • The casing material is made up of lightweight aluminum
  • The native aspect ratio of the screen is 4 by 3 but it is also compatible with 16 by 9 displays
  • The black border in each size has the thickness of 25 millimeters
  • The fabric is made up of Engineered PVC
  • The fabric color is in matte white
  • A screen has three layers
  • The Pyle Motorized Projector Display has a Wireless Remote Control
  • The AAA batteries for the remote is included in the package
  • The Pyle Motorized Projector Display weighs around 8.8 pounds or 4 kilograms

The main feature if the Pyle Motorized Projector Display that its creators has chosen to highlight is the ease of setting it up. The Pyle Motorized Projector

Display is indeed easy to start up, which is quite important when factoring in the added intricacies in operating a screen with electronic components.

The guys at Pyle claims that the Pyle Motorized Projector Display can be up and running in just a few seconds.

The electric motor is more than adequate in its job. The aforementioned electric motor could quickly retract and unfold the screen.

In other words, the motor can quickly hide or reveal the screen in one quick motion.

The Pyle Motorized Projector Display can be controlled from afar by either using the wired controller or the wireless one. Of course, the Wireless Remote Control affords better freedom in using the screen.

The attention of the user will most likely revolve around operating the projector or the device which is the source of the output in which the projector transmits.

The wireless capability allows the user to easily unfold or retract (operate) the screen simultaneously and in concert of the other devices while not burdening him that much.

The best part is, the batteries for the wireless remote is provided in the package.

The Pyle Motorized Projector Display was designed with indoor use in mind. As such, said device will perform beautifully when used inside classrooms, homes or offices.

It is not recommended for outdoor usage. The Epson PowerLite 2018 is a good match for the Pyle Motorized Projector Display as both are designed to excel for indoor usage.


  • The Pyle Motorized Projector Display’s setup time is measured in seconds
  • The device is excellent for indoor usage
  • The remote control provided means that it can be operated from a far
  • Excellent electric motor mechanism


  • May not perform well when used outside.

In Conclusion

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