Best Backyard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Ahhh life is good. You’re spending time outside, maybe relaxing on a hammock sipping an overly sweet sugary lemonade or nursing a cold beer when all of sudden your peace and quiet is interrupted by a mosquito buzzing around your head.

It wants to drink your blood and nourish its young to do the same thing and you want to kill it. The problem is it’s very small and you are very big.

However there is a better option… an ultrasonic mosquito killing device.

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Yard Sentinel Outdoor Electronic Pest Animal Ultrasonic Repeller

Yard Sentinel Outdoor Electronic Pest Animal Ultrasonic Repeller Review

I’ve tested several outdoor pest repellers. Most seem to lack the power and range to repel a variety of animals and insects, except for The Yard Sentinel, which has been a mainstay in my backyard since it first came out and still one of the most effective electronic pest deterrents I’ve ever used. This device will humanely repel almost every kind of animal that roams around your house including some insects. Cats, dogs, raccoons, skunks, mice – you name it. No toxic chemicals are used.

How Ultrasonic Mosquito Killers Work

The device’s effectiveness comes from its powerful infrared motion sensor with night time scanner and ultrasonic frequency technology, including the ability to produce inaudible high pressure sound waves. There is also an operation time selection, just like your DVR recorder, that allows you to save energy by choosing when the product should be activated. I find the device very easy to install and it comes with a very long extension cord and AC adapter.

How Much Distance Does an Ultrasonic Pest Controller Cover

The technology is incorporated into two repelling modes: Ultrasonic and Intruder Alarm. The Ultrasonic Emitting mode allows for motion sensor, constant, or continuous sweep frequency settings. The Intruder Alarm mode can be used to repel burglars or animals with sensitive hearing.

These two modes combine for a highly advanced and versatile repelling device that offers amazing pest protection over a large area. I love being able to set the device to day, night, or 24-hour protection in my garden that sprawls out into open hill country where coyotes, raccoons, and rats roam. But sometimes I set the device on the patio or front yard, closer to my home, where it serves a secondary purpose of alarming burglars.

Based on my experience with repellers, here are some of the pros that make the Yard Sentinel stand out:

​Why You Should Use UltraSonic Pest Control

  • Protection from wide variety of animals (and humans) based on setting.
  • Frequency distance range allows for targeting specific areas.
  • Ability to produce completely inaudible frequencies.
  • AC or battery powered.
  • Operating time selection: Day, Night, or 24-hour.

I cannot stress enough how effective this device is at repelling various types of animal pests, from mice, rabbits, skunks, and everything in between. Maybe repelling a few stray dogs and cats is all you need, or perhaps you’ve had a bear rummage through your backyard! The device has a very high sensitivity range so you need to figure out what works for you.

Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller

Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller Review

The Bird-X Yard Gard is a humane outdoor electronic repeller that is able to ward off a variety of animal pests by emitting high-frequency sound waves. The device is inaudible to most humans and no toxic chemicals are used.

The protection range is among the highest on the market at roughly 4,000 sq. ft. The Yard Gard is a true outdoor device that comes with a 50-foot extension cord and is water and weather resistant.

Repel Everything Including Pesky Rabbits and Tigers

This device is able to repel an impressive range of animal pests: deer, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, mice, cats, dogs, squirrels, and about anything that has four legs and a beating heart! And it repels them safely and humanely by emitting frequencies that are harmless to children and do not cause any bodily harm. Read here about the safety concerns regarding ultrasonic waves.

The device can be adjusted to either constant or motion-activated. Constant is best for deterring stray cats and dogs from stopping to take a poop in your front yard! Motion-activated comes in handy for other animals that tend to move around a lot. Moreover, the frequency can be adjusted to target specific distances or certain types of animals with varying sensitivity to sound.

It’s best to point the device in the general direction of where animal pests will emerge or explore, such as your house. Placing the device too close to the neighborhood street may repel your neighbors’ pets!

Got a Top Backyard UltraSonic Pest Repeller You Want Us to Review?

At Outdoor Movie HQ we live and breathe everything outdoorsy – including killing mosquitos. Drop us a comment below and share your favorite mosquito killing technic or device.

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