Best 70, 75 inch TVs 2019 Editor’s Choice (4K UHD, LED, HDTV)

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Bigger TV screens are the rage nowadays. It seems that the adage, “bigger is better” has captured the public’s imagination nowadays. In fact, consumers from other platforms like smartphones have also demanded bigger screens from manufacturers. Not even Apple, holding fast upon the smaller is better philosophy for its phone, can resist the demand of the hordes.

Of course, not all consumers want large TV screens. Preference plays a big role in the choice of screen sizes. However, companies have also adopted to the “bigger is better” adage and saw fit to give bigger products with beefier specifications. With this in mind, we can always assume that a bigger TV will have better specs than small ones. For those who wants the very best that the TV industry have to offer, read on about the very best of the 75 inchers in the market right now.

1. Sony XBR-75X94OE – The Best Overall

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”Sony XBR-75X94OE” description=”The Sony XBR-75X94OE inherited the same sleek and thin look that has pervade Sony’s product all throughout the years.” thumb=”” ]


  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE package contains the following items
    • AC Power Cord
    • Batteries
    • IR Blaster
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Operating Instructions
    • Table Top Stand
    • Voice Remote Control
  • 75 inch TV
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has a 75 inch sized screen
  • The VESA measurement is 400 by 300 mm
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE weighs around 94.3 pounds or 42.8 kilograms without the provided table top stand affixed
  • It will weigh around 104.9 pounds or 47.6 kilograms with the stand affixed to its bottom
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE is compatible with WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • It has one ethernet port at the bottom
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has Chromecast built-in
  • The following smartphone connectivity features are available
  • Screen Mirroring via Miracast
  • Video and TV SideView compatible with:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Photo Sharing Plus
  • It has one terrestrial/cable (RF) connection input that is also located at the bottom
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has one component video input
  • It also has 2 composite video inputs
  • 1 side analog conversion
  • 1 side hybrid with component
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has one RS-232C input and about 4 HDMI ports
  • It has HDMI and HDCP
  • It has one digital audio output and also one audio/headphone output
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has 3 USB ports
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE is compatible with the following USB drive formats:
    • FAT 16
    • FAT 32
    • exFAT
    • NTFS
  • The display type being used is of the LCD variant
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has a display resolution of 3840 by 2160
  • It is High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has the 4K HDR Processor X1
  • The following color enhancing features are present:
  • Live Color Technology
  • Precision Color Mapping
  • Super bit mapping 4K HDR
  • TRILUMINOS Display
  • The following features enhance the contrast
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
  • Object-based HDR remaster
  • X-tended Dynamic Range PRO
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE is compatible with the following Dolby audio formats:
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Digital Plus
    • Dolby Pulse
  • It is also compatible with the DTS Digital Surround format
  • It is compatible with the Google Plays Store
  • It is compatible with the Opera Web Browser
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has a light sensor
  • The frame is colored in black
  • The Sony XBR-75X94OE has a power saving mode

The Fit and Finish

The design of the Sony XBR-75X94OE won’t surprise anyone. Like their Xperia line of phones. Sony has continued to use their common designs. That’s not to say that the design of the Sony XBR-75X94OE is boring. IT is anything but. Sony’s philosophy seems to be in line with Apple’s, endless reiterations of the same design but with incremental updates as the years go by.

The Sony XBR-75X94OE inherited the same sleek and thin look that has pervade Sony’s product all throughout the years. As such, one might find the Sony XBR-75X94OE to be utilitarian. A sexy one at that. The Sony XBR-75X94OE, like its predecessors, adhere to the minimalist ethos that as also pervade the operating systems of today. This means that the biggest exterior feature that this product has is its screen. Gone are the days of bulky TV boxes with protruding backs and big bezels. The TV’s of today are sleek and almost bezeless. The Sony XBR-75X94OE does that with inherent, for the lack of better term, sexiness.

As stated in the specs, Sony has included a table top stand in the package. Of course, you can always use a wall mount which is the more elegant solution but table top stands can do the trick too. The stand provided is quite small. This seems to be in line with the minimalist ethos that Sony loves. However, the table top stand in question is more than adequate to bear the big footprint of the Sony XBR-75X94OE. In other words, you will have no problem in trusting said stand to bear the weight of the Sony XBR-75X94OE.

The stand is also utilitarian in design and is also imbued with minimalist undertones. Said stand has a silvery finish distinguishing it from the mostly black-jet colored frontage of the TV. The back is also colored silver to match with the silvery stand. The bottom part of the back plate houses the outputs, inputs and other ports. The bezels of the TV are very thin, ensuring that the screen will grab much of the attention. The bezels are 0.55 inches while the thickness of the product itself is measured at 2.56 inches at its maximum.

Display Quality of the XBR-75X94OE

The no frills, minimalist design of the Sony XBR-75X94OE aims to focus the consumers’ eyes on the screen of this product and not on the design itself. They did that for a big reason. For most, a TV is as good as its screen. The Sony XBR-75X94OE, luckily, does not disappoint.

The Sony XBR-75X94OE contrast allows it to belt out extremely good dark scenes. This could only mean that black color reproduction is also good, albeit not as good as the AMOLED screens of Samsung but still above average. The display is also quite powerful as the Sony XBR-75X94OE can still churn out excellent pictures even when the room where it’s situated is quite bright. This feature is usually lacking among projectors. Said display can get quite bright, with the amount of nits more than enough to fight ambient lighting in the room.

Sony’s HDR, as mentioned in specs above, also helps in improving the picture quality. Pairing it with the excellent local dimming and the pictures that are generated by Sony XBR-75X94OE is more than enough to give the screen a wow factor. About the only major downside of the screen are the poor viewing angles but with a display his big, most will have no problems.

Making it SMART

The Sony XBR-75X94OE is a Smart TV. That means that it has features that are lacking on last generation TV units that still populate the low-end markets. This product is also largely intertwined with Google and has Android. While Android Oreo is still unavailable for the Sony XBR-75X94OE. Android Nougat is more than capable to handle the Smart Features included in this product. Do take note that the platform used here is not a same Android OS that runs on your phones. This has the dedicated Android TV Os on board. This also means that the Sony XBR-75X94OE shares the inherent problems that goes with using this platform, like random lag frame drops. But for the most part, the UI is more than fast enough for TV users.

The beast feature of any TV that runs the Android Smart TV platform is Google Play Store. The plethora of apps that the Google Play Store offers is just mind boggling. The seemingly endless choices of apps is surely one of the major selling point of Android and by extension, the Sony XBR-75X94OE.


  • Excellent display with a plethora of features
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • The Android TV Platform offers a lot of applications


  • Bad viewing angles


Is the Android inside the Sony XBR-75X94OE same with the Android OS that can be seen on phones?

Answer: No, the Android Smart TV platform, while sharing a lot of qualities with the mainstream Android, is quite different with the latter. The Android Smart TV platform is optimized for a bigger screen and for a consumption based function.

Can I use the Sony XBR-75X94OE in an outdoor setting?

Answer: It depends. It’s more than okay to use it at nighttime but for daylight conditions. An outdoor projector may be more useful.

Can the small table top stand provided in the package support the weight of th Sony XBR-75X94OE?

Answer: While the table top stand looks small in stature, it can comfortably hold the weight of the Sony XBR-75X94OE. With that being said, you can always use a dedicated wall mount if you still have doubts.

2. Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA – Best for Gaming

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA” description=”This is very good for gaming as said games can exploit the Fast Motion feature afforded by such specification.” thumb=”” ]


  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA uses an LCD display
  • Said display is Edged Lit (Backlight)
  • This device has a 120Hz refresh rate
  • It has the Motion 240 feature which allows the device to depict fast motion objects with great accuracy
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA has 4 HMDI ports
  • It also has 3 USB ports
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA has a built in web browser
  • The display is 4K UHD certified
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA has two built in audio speakers
  • Built in speaker has 40W 20W audio output
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA uses the Tizen Operating System, enabling it to have SMART TV features
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA has HEVC
  • The display is rated at 4K UHD
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA uses a flat LCD screen
  • This device is ENERGY STAR Certified
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA has built in Wifi
  • It has a 16 by 9 aspect ratio
  • The has a pixel resolution at 3840 by 2160
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA is compatible with HDR 10
  • It has a TV Tuner
  • The following are the available ports in the Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA:
    • HDMI (4 ports)
    • RF Antenna (1 port)
    • TOSLINK (1 port)
    • USB (3 ports)
    • Ethernet (1 port)
  • The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA stereo onboard
  • Said speaker has Dolby Digital
  • The remote control is provided for
  • The product weighs 83 pounds or 37.19 kilograms without the stand and 84 pounds or 38.10 kilograms with the stand affixed

Picture Display Quality

AMOLED and OLED screens will always one-up TV screens that uses LCD. The same can be observed in the world of smartphones. However, Samsung is able to elevate the LCD screen that is being used here in the UN75MU80000FXZA by employing much needed features and technologies that helps in upgrading the display quality. Enter the Precision Black Feature

Precision Black is practically just Samsung’s name for local dimming. While local dimming may not be as effective in edge-lit LCD displays such as the Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA, it still helps in the overall quality of the display. Local dimming is usually done to improve the black levels. The color black is very important in order to demarcate the borders of other colors. This is where contrast is usually brought up.

The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA is also High Dynamic Range Compatible. This basically means that that display is made better by this feature. The contrast is pumped up to a higher level. The HDR works in opposite ways with the Precision Black feature. HDR pumps more light into the display. It works in tandem with the Precision Black. Precision Black dims the areas of the screen that is better off to be dimly lit while HDR pumps more light on to areas that needs it. The ensuing cacophony of dim lit and bright areas creates better contrast for the display.

4K UHD and 120 hz Refresh Rate

One of the main selling points of the Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA is its 4K display. However, this alone would not be enough in order to project a good display. Most of the contents available right now are not tuned to exploit 4K displays. At most, you will see 4K displays with their display resolution downplayed to accommodate said contents.

The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA avoids that problem by having a conversion engine included in the product. Imagine an HD content that is displayed in a 4K display. Normally, said HD content will be displayed in HD resolution (unless it can exploit said display on its own). Basically this scenario would see the 4K display to be practically useless. However, Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA’s conversion engine will see to it that the HD content is converted into 4K.

This feature is basically allowing the Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA to have backwards compatibility with older content and allowing said content to exploit the full range of the this products displaying prowess.

The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA is capable of 120hz refresh rate. What this basically means is that the motions to be displayed here will be ultra smooth. This is very good for gaming as said games can exploit the Fast Motion feature afforded by such specification. As we all know, games are usually fulled with fast and abrupt motions. While ordinary displays can keep up with most games, hard core gamers may want a smoother transition with it comes to motion and Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA 120 Hz refresh rate more than satisfies that need.

Tizen: Samsung’s Take on SMART TV’s

Samsung uses the Tizen OS for its SMART TV platform. Whether you like it or not depends upon your preference. Some may prefer android’s take on it. Some may also prefer Amazon’s OS. Tizen, however, has been continuously updated by Samsung. It is now faster and more responsive. Gone are the days of random lags of yesteryear. The interface is better and navigation is now easier to do because of the inherent intuitiveness that so pervades the operating system.

Of course the advantages of TV sets with a SMART TV OS is evident against those units which has none. Tizen allows users to use apps much like the one’s in Android. It also allows you to couple your TV unit with the many streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. This ability is just lacking on “dumb” TV’s. Of course, YouTube is accessible here and also free.


  • The 120hz refresh rate is a boon for sports viewers and gamers
  • Local Dimming and HDR work hand in hand to ensure excellent contrast
  • 4K upscaling allows of non-4K content to exploit the the 4K display


  • Tizen lacks the breadth of apps that the Android Platform has


Does it handle the PlayStation 4 well?

Answer: Yes it does. In fact, it has a gaming mode that caters solely to games. Couple that with the 120hz refresh rate and games will appear well in this product.

What is the external description of the unit?

Answer: The borders are brushed up with aluminum trimmings. The back is colored in jet black.

What is the difference between Android TV and Tizen?

Answer: While both operating systems are based on smartphones, the Tizen OS is relatively new. While Android TV has the upperhand in the diversity of apps, Tizen has the better interface because of better colors used and the customization options are immense.

3. LG 75UH8500 – Best in Viewing Angles

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Check Amazon” title=”LG 75UH8500″ description=”LG 75UH8500’s display is good and crisp but it would be rather useless if the content does not exploit the the 4K technology.” thumb=”” ]


  • The LG 75UH8500 has a resolution of 3840 by 2160
  • It has a quantum display
  • The chip is of the dual core variant
  • The LG 75UH8500 has local dimming to improve black color levels
  • It has the Tru 4K Engine and the Tru 4K Upscaler
  • The LG 75UH8500 has 9 picture modes to choose from
  • It has 3 HDMI ports
  • It also has 3 USB ports
  • The LG 75UH8500 is capable of 4K UHD file playback
  • It also has the Color Prime Plus feature which enhances the ranges of color that can be reproduced by the LG 75UH8500
  • It also has the TruMotion 240hz refresh rate
  • The LG 75UH8500 has a built in web browser and can connect to the Wifi because of the built in module
  • Dolby Vision with HDR Super is also included
  • The LG 75UH8500 uses an IPS display panel to enhance viewing angles
  • The LG 75UH8500 uses the webOS as its SMART TV platform
  • The audio system is designed by Harman/Kardon
  • The LG 75UH8500 is Energy Star Qualified
  • Apps can be had from the LG Content Store
  • The following ports are also available:
    • RF (1)
    • Composite (1)
    • Component (1)
    • Ethernet (1)
    • Optical (1)
    • Mini Jack (1)
  • The VESA rating is 600×400
  • The LG 75UH8500 weighs around 103.2 pounds without the stand
  • The LG 75UH8500 weighs around 110.9 pounds with the included stand affixed
  • Dolby Digital Recorder is also included in the package
  • The LG 75UH8500 also has a DTS recorder (DTS-HD)

The Display Quality

4K displays has been the rave for the past few years in the TV industry. LG has one been of the leaders of said industry and has embraced the 4K technology. Indeed, its UH8500 series is star-studded with products that are endowed with beautiful 4K displays. The LG 75UH8500 is one of them.

Most of the media content that is floating around today are just not designed to exploit 4K displays. That is why LG saw fit to put an upscaler for the LG 75UH8500. This video engine allows for non-4K content to be displayed using the full power of 4K displays enabling a better viewing experience.

IPS Technology Onboard

The LG 75UH8500, as mentioned in the spec sheet above, uses an IPS (in-plane switching) display. Basically, this IPS display allows for better viewing angles. Most TV units have poor viewing angles because manufacturers estimate that most viewers will watch TV shows directly towards the gaze of the TV screen. However, this is not always the case. For example, a huge crowd might decide to use one TV screen only. Logic dictates that some might view said display from the sides and might observe discoloration as a result of poor viewing angles.

Nonetheless, degradation of display can still be observed as one goes further from the optimal viewing angle (which is direct to the TV). However, LG 75UH8500” display is still much better than the competition with regards to said matter. This is, by far, one of the best selling points of the LG 75UH8500.

Other Notable Features

LG’s HDR feature allows for better luminosity and brightness for the display. It creates better contrast as it gives bright areas more luminosity to contrast it with the darker part of the image that is being displayed. This means that colors are demarcated better and the overall display is made crispier.

The SMART TV platform that is being used here is LG’s very own weOS. It has all the bells and whistles of a proper SMART TV OS. It even has its own app store, courtesy of LG’s Content Store. Of course, it would not beat the immense line up of Android’s Play Store but does have the usual apps that one needs to have in order to enjoy said unit. Apps for Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services are available.


  • Excellent display via 4K technology
  • Good viewing angles via IPS display
  • The 240hz TruMotion refresh rate is a boon for sports viewers


  • LG’s content store is still inferior to the Android Play Store but it’s getting there


What is IPS?

Answer: IPS or in-plane-switching is a type of display technology that allows for any display to be viewed in any angle comfortably. It combats the degradation of the display when not viewed in its optimal viewing angle.

Question and Answer

This is an image of letters Q and A

What is the best overall 75 inch TV in the market right now?

Answer: Arguably, the Sony XBR-75X94OE is the best TV unit right now. Android TV allows for much flexibility and the almost borderless design sits well the trend of today. The display is also excellent.

What is the best 75 inch TV for gamers?

Answer: The Samsung UN75MU80000FXZA is the best unit for gamers. The 120hz refresh rate ensures smooth display of fast moving objects in the display. Samsung coupled this with the Fast Motion feature to iron out inadequacies in displaying fast moving objects. Latency is also much reduced.

What is the best 75 inch TV for large crowds?

Answer: While large crowds are better served by projectors, the LG 75UH8500 is arguably the best bet for this segment. The IPS display allows for better viewing angles. This allows viewers who are in the edge of the crowd to still enjoy the content with minimal degradation.

What is SMART TV?

Answer: SMART TV is the TV industry’s answer to the smartphones. Basically, this allows TV units to enjoy the benefits of mobile operating systems. This basically means that TV units will now have access to different applications which enhances the functions and flexibility of said units.

What is Android TV?

Answer: Android TV is basically the TV version of the widely acclaimed Android OS. A such, Android TV has access to the Play Store. This ability gives TV units with Android TV onboard to access the gigantic app library that the Play Store has.

What is Tizen?

Answer: Tizen is Samsung’s take on operating systems. It was created as an answer against the widely popular Android OS. Samsung has been developing Tizen to be compatible with phones, smartwatches, and TV units.

What is webOS?

Answer: webOS is LG’s very own SMART TV platform. It has a slick UI that rivals competing platforms. It’s settings menus can be confusing at times but the overall feel of the system is adequate. LG’s content store supplies the apps but like Tizen, it is hard pressed to compete with the app selection available in Android’s Play Store.

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