4 Top 70 Inch TVs That Won’t Break the Bank 2019

Choosing a TV set from a sea of competitive products is a tough choice for anyone who wants one. The market has seen companies that has improved their products to such length hat most products churned out from the competitive manufacturers has become a good bet. This article aims to help you in making the choice in the 70 inch range.

1. Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model – Best Budget Product

Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model

The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model might be spartan with regards to its external design but it has a full deck of features to give it a much needed punch in order to win customers over.

  • The screen size is measured at 69.50 inches in diagonal
  • This Vizio product has the SmartCast feature and this is paired with Chromecast built-in
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model supports Dolby Vision
  • This product has Ultra Color Spectrum
  • Spatial Scaling Engine is also included
  • The display is powered by an 8-core processor
  • The backlight is of the XLED Plus variant
  • Black level production is shouldered by Xtreme Bblack Engine Plus
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has 32 local dimming zones
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model supports bluetooth 4.1 LE
  • This product has 4 HDMI ports
  • It also has the following input ports:
    • Component (1)
    • Ethernet (1)
    • USB Port (1)
  • It also has the following output ports:
    • Analog Audio Out
    • Digital Audio Out
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has a 60HZ display refresh rate
  • It also has Active Pixel Tuning
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M by 1
  • It has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model can display 1.07 billion colors
  • The following OSD languages are supported:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has the following audio features
  • DTS StudioSound
  • DTS TruSurround
  • DTS TruVolume
  • IT has an ambient light sensor
  • The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has VESA compliance
  • Its mount pattern os 400 mm by 400 mm
  • The following accessories are included:
    • Remote Control
    • Battery
  • The product weighs around 60.41 pounds with the stand attached
  • The product will weigh 58.64 pounds without the stand attached
  • Vizio provides a one-year warranty

Smart Platform: Is it SMART enough?

Vizio’s own take on the SMART TV platform is more than enough for most streamers. It has ten apps built in. Customization, however, takes a hit as the User Interface or UI does not allow for the rearrangement of the available apps. This is just a minor hiccup and would not affect the overall usability of the operating system.

smart tv apps

Usual suspects such as Hulu and Netflix are available on-board. Even the Netflix app supports 4k along with Vudu. The omission of YouTube might affect those who are invested in the Google Ecosystem but that minor hurdle is more than satiated by the other mainstream services. However, said omissions can be bridged of you have a Google Home speaker. For example, one can activate YouTube by using voice commands.

The menu needs a little bit of work but this product does support Chromecast. Apps that are compatible with Vizio’s UI, and there are lots of them, can be used to control said product as it is an option for streaming. Chromecast handles the rest of the way.

Spartan Exterior Design

Vizio has been known for utilitarian designs all throughout the years and this particular model is no exception. A simple display will welcome anyone who bask his/her eyes upon this unit. This is due to the price range that this product inhabits. Clearly, Vizio wanted to create a none-assuming product with a bevy of features tucked inside.

The product’s design is punctuated by a gray slate that dominates the frame and the front. It seems that Vizio have chosen the silver to color to put some life in to this unit. Silver finishes also populate the edge of the frame. The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model is anything but thin. From the side, the thick profile of this product is visible.

The display stand is also studded with silver accents, in keeping with the overall design language of the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model. Of course, you can always use a wall mount, but its always nice to include a stand so that the device can be used at the get-go. With that said, you better like a silver-studded unit as the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model is full of silver trimmings and gray surfaces.

Feature-Heavy Package

The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model might be spartan with regards to its external design but it has a full deck of features to give it a much needed punch in order to win customers over. Vizio has given full attention to the display of this product and rightfully so. As a TV unit, the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model first duty is to deliver crisp images.

The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has good black color reproduction and contrast levels. This two are some of the basic benchmarks that every customer should consider in purchasing TV units. Black levels are much improved by using XLED Plus. Basically, XLED Plus is Vizio’s name for its implementation of local dimming. As mentioned in other reviews, good black color reproduction is essential because the color black is essential in demarcating images on display. The lack of which will cause fuzzy images.

The display also has refresh rate of 60hz. Vizio claims that said display has a 120hz refresh rate but this obviously a result of inflating numbers. Nevertheless, the refresh rate is more than capable in accommodating fast paced motion videos like sports games. A VA panel is also used here, which is more advanced than the IPS displays that is used by competitors in the same price range.

  • The menus can be clunky at times

Questions and Answers

Is the SMART TV Platform on-board okay?

Answer: Yes, Vizio’s SMART TV Platform is more than sufficient for most users. Most of the popular TV platforms are available on the get go. This selection of apps can be further boosted if you have a Google Home speaker.

Is there a stand provided?

Answer: Yes, Vizio saw fit to provide a standard feet stand so that consumers may enjoy the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model in the get go.

Is it easy to buy a wall mount for the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model?

Answer: Yes. In fact, the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model has a VESA rating which would make your hunt for the best wall mounts much more easier.

2. Sony KD70X690E- Best for Gaming

Sony KD70X690E

The Sony KD70X690E is designed for gamers. This product boast a low input lag, which is very useful for gamers. Games are usually played with fast motions.

  • The following are the available ports in the Sony KD70X690E
    • HDMI input
    • SPDIF output
    • USB
    • audio line-in
    • audio line-out
    • headphones
    • subwoofer
    • composite video
    • component video input
  • The Sony KD70X690E is HDCP compliant
  • The display has a 4K Ultra HD display
  • High Dynamic Range is included and is highly compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro Consoles
  • An upscale in the guise of X-Reality Pro is included
  • Sony KD70X690E includes the ClearAudio+ feature for added audio clarity
  • YouTube accessibility is much enhanced
  • The Sony X690E is also available in other sizes such as:
    • 50 inch (49.5 inch diagonal)
    • 60 inch (60 diagonal)
  • The following accessories are also included in the package
    • AC Power Cord
    • Batteries
    • Operating Instructions
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Remote Control
    • Table Top Stand
  • The display size is measured at 69.5 diagonally
  • The Sony KD70X690E has a VESA rating of 400 by 400 mm
  • The Sony KD70X690E weighs around 61 pounds without a stand
  • It will weigh around 63.7 pounds with the table top stand
  • WiFi Certified 802.11b/g/n is included
  • It has one Ethernet input
  • The following features enhances connectivity with smartphones:
    • Photo Sharing Plus
    • Screen Mirroring via Miracast
  • One RF Connection Input is also available
  • One Component input and One Composite input is available
  • Three USB ports are available and they support the following formats:
    • FAT16
    • FAT32
    • NTFS
  • An LCD display is being used by the Sony KD70X690E
  • Said display has a resolution if 3840 by 2160
  • Direct LED is used for backlighting
  • Frame Dimming is available
  • Sony KD70X690E uses Live Color Technology for Color Enhancement
  • The Dynamic Contrast Enhancer is used for contrast enhancement
  • The following picture modes are supported
    • Vivid
    • Standard
    • Custom
    • Cinema
    • Sports
    • Photo-Vivid
    • Photo-Standard
    • Photo-Custom
    • Game
    • Graphoc
    • HDR Vivid
    • HDR Video
  • The following Dolby Audio formats are supported:
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Digital Plus
    • Dolby Pulse
  • DTS Digital Surround is also supported
  • Linux is used as the Operating System
  • Applications are available in the Opera Store
  • The Sony KD70X690E is Energy Star Compliant

Gaming Prowess

The Sony KD70X690E is designed for gamers. This product boast a low input lag, which is very useful for gamers. Games are usually played with fast motions. A second-long stutter may cost you the game. That is why low input lag is the holy grail of gamers. This ensures that the inputs that you have executed through the controls are instantaneously projected in the TV screen. For most of the conditions that the Sony KD70X690E can dish out in different display resolutions, the input lag remained at the 20 to 30 ms for the most part.

tv for gaming

Sony KD70X690E has a display rate of 60hz. While that may not be impressive, said feature can definitely hold its own when it comes to gaming. With that being said, there are other TV sets that are geared towards gaming that has a 120hz refresh rate but most of the market is inundated with 60 hz anyway.

Sony went the extra mile in ensuring the gaming prowess of this unit by making the integration better with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. This is an inspired move but it is also a highly logical one seeing as Sony owns both products too. This ensures that this particular unit can be used seamlessly with the aforementioned gaming consoles. Add to that the already mentioned specs and the Sony KD70X690E is truly aimed at the gaming market and gamers.

The Situation of the Display

The Sony KD70X690E boast better than average display and that is an imperative. Gamers love minimal input lag but they will not be able to enjoy said feature of the display is dismal. Average viewers would also enjoy the relatively crisp display emitted by the Sony KD70X690E.

The twin features of black color production and contrast are the usual suspects to ensure a good and quality display and thankfully, the Sony KD70X690E delivers on both occasions. Sony uses the now widespread local dimming to ensure that black color production is top notch. Of course, using the Sony KD70X690E in a dimly lit room will greatly help in the reproduction of the black color.

Contrast is also good in the Sony KD70X690E. With a contrast ratio of 4000 by 1, the Sony KD70X690E ensures that black colors are reproduced to the highest quality. Pair that with the local dimming feature and you will have a deep blacks emblazoned on the screen. Grays are also reproduced in top notch quality. Said color will not appear whitish as is prevalent in inferior screens. Sports lovers will surely love this feature.

External Design

This portion is a bit of a let-off for the Sony KD70X690E. Don’t get me wrong, the Sony KD70X690E loos stunning in all of its utilitarian glory. However, those who want a more extravagant piece of art should look elsewhere as the Sony KD70X690E scores low in the exterior department.

The utilitarian design of the Sony KD70X690E is quite basic but pleasing to look at. This machine is all business. The front of the device is dominated by the large 70 inch display. The bezels are also small, as is the trend for most TV sets nowadays. Sony opted to use the black color prominently in this device and this situation bodes well with the overall utilitarian design language.

Now for the only bad news for this product. Sony opted to use plastic as the main material for the device with regards to its external design. Now you would not be touching the device for most of the time. Most of your interactions with the TV is via a remote control in the first place. However, the plasticky feel of the device gives of a cheap feel.

With that being said, the Sony KD70X690E is a compelling device as it promises a good it with gamers. This means that the features and internal are no slouch either. This added features will surely benefit even average viewers.

  • Excellent display with good contrast
  • Gaming features such as minimal input lag is always a boon
  • Good utilitarian design
  • Plasticky feel of the exterior

Questions and Answers

What is the operating system for the Sony KD70X690E?

Answer: The Sony KD70X690E uses a custom OS from Sony. It has all the usual bells and whistles of a usual SMART TV platform with Netflix and YouTube available.

Is the Sony KD70X690E compatible with other gaming consoles?

Answer: Yes, the Sony KD70X690E is compatible with other consoles although it does have better integration with the aforementioned PlayStation consoles.

Does the Sony KD70X690E has ads?

Answer: No, Sony KD70X690E itself have no ads.

3. LG 70UH6350 – Best for Color Accuracy

LG 70UH6350

The LG 70UH6350 has stunning color accuracy. Those who are working as photographers will surely treasure this feature as color accuracy is all the rage for said group of people.

  • The LG 70UH6350 has a 70 inch display
  • Said display is measured at 69.5 inches diagonal
  • This device has a resolution
  • The display format used is 4K UHD 2160p
  • The uses an LED screen
  • There are 3 HDMI ports in this device
  • The following are the other inputs available in this device:
    • USB (3)
    • RF In (1)
    • Composite (1)
    • Component (1)
    • Ethernet (1)
    • Optical (1)
    • Mini Jack (1)
  • The LG 70UH6350 uses the webOS 3.0 SMART TV operating system
  • This device has a refresh rate of 120 hz
  • The LG 70UH6350 has the following features:
    • UHD Mastering Engine
    • Tru Black Panel
    • 4K Upscaler
    • HDR Pro
    • Color Prime Pro
    • ULTRA Luminance
  • Apps can be downloaded from the LG Content Store
  • The LG 70UH6350 also has a ready-to-use built-in full web browser
  • The audio system is compatible/has the following features:
    • Dolby Digital Decoder
    • DTS Decoder
    • Surround Mode
    • Clear Voice
    • Wireless Sound Sync
  • The LG 70UH6350 has the following connectivity features:
  • This device is also Energy Star Compliant
  • The LG 70UH6350 has a VESA rating of 600 by 400
  • This product weighs around 63.3 pounds without the TV stand
  • Meanwhile, said product will weigh around 69.4 pounds with the TV stand affixed

Color Accuracy of the LG 70UH6350

Preferences to features is the most important quality when choosing products. As such, manufacturers usually have two routes in order to get the seal of approval from customers via purchase. Manufacturers could make their products as the jack of all trades in order to get the most customers. However, this means that their products will not be excellent in all areas but atleast they will be great in most. Manufacturers could also create niche products. Niche products are those who serve a single market. They usually have one or two distinct features. Alas. other specs and features are cannibalized in order to get the message. The  LG 70UH6350 is of the latter view.

The  LG 70UH6350 has stunning color accuracy. Those who are working as photographers will surely treasure this feature as color accuracy is all the rage for said group of people. Photography enthusiast will also enjoy said feature. Lastly, even nitpickers will be awed by the stunning color accuracy that the  LG 70UH6350 employs.

The stunning color accuracy also leads to stunning color vibrancy. The colors just pop right off the bat. HDR technology is also employed here which lends more to keeping the colors vibrant. Local dimming may or may not be present as the LG’s website states that there is but other have noticed the lack of it on their units. Regardless, the  LG 70UH6350’s display remains stunning.

For gamers too?

The  LG 70UH6350 also has another trick up its sleeve. It has the TruMotion feature which allegedly bumps the screen display refresh rate up to 240hz. Again, this is a clear example of numbers bloating. Even then, the  LG 70UH6350 boasts a formidable 120hz refresh rate. That’s more than the Sony KD70X690E discussed above. For comparison, the Sony KD70X690E only has 60hz refresh rate.

It is always good to note why a better refresh rate is good for gamers. This means that a screen with a high refresh rate will make games smoother. This allows for better framerates. Almost any game is built upon the notion that a lot of motion will be produced. Any split-second lag may spell doom for gamers. The LG 70UH635 avoids that problem by upping the refresh rate up to 120hz.


About the only thing that stops us from recommending the LG 70UH635 as the best TV unit for gaming is Sony KD70X690E’s emphasis on minimizing input lag. Don’t get me wrong, LG 70UH635 is no slouch either in this regard. It’s just that gamers will want a unit that emphasizes the lessening of input lag. Looking pretty is a secondary, yet still important, want.

External Design

Utilitarian looks seems to be the king of the TV industry today and the LG 70UH635 is no exception. Thin bezels are present here , ensuring that the screen of this product is the most distinctive part of the front. This is in-line with the trends of the market today.

A stand is also provided by LG and its design language also follows the rest if the TV body. Its colored in black and has no distinctive markings on its own. Clearly, LG wants the emphasis to be on the stunning screen itself. The rest of the unit melts i to the background as the screen is turned on.

  • Stunning color accuracy leads to color vibrancy
  • The 120hz refresh rate is  boon for gamers
  • The HDR feature allows for good contrast
  • The presence of local dimming is debatable

Questions and Answers

What is the name of the SMART TV platform that is used by the LG 70UH635?

Answer: LG’s very own webOS 3.0 is being used here. It has the same bells and whistles that most SMART TV platforms has complete with the usual suspects like Netflix.

Where can I get the apps for this device?

Answer: LG’s very own Content Store is the source of apps for this device. Although not as expansive as Google’s, LG’s Content Store is more than enough.

Is the LG 70UH635 compatible with gaming consoles?

Answer: Yes, the LG 70UH635 is more than capable in handling consoles.


The devices that are arrayed here are formidable on their own. Choosing one of these will always turn out to be a good financial decision. Seriously, all the TV products that are listed here will surely make you happy. However, this review is not a cop-out. A winner must be chosen in order to help you make the decision. Of course, it’s always good to reiterate that all this products are excellent on their own right.

The best product out of the three here is the  LG 70UH635. It has the versatility that the rest of the products here just can’t match. The twin features that will be mentioned below are the main points for contention for this decision.

  • Color Accuracy
  • Excellent display refresh rate

The  LG 70UH635, as touted above, is the best TV in terms of color accuracy. As mentioned above, color accuracy usually leads to color vibrancy and that is the case for the  LG 70UH635. The colors pop out and the display os very good to look at. Again, photography enthusiasts will surely love the display. Add to that the HDR capability, further enhancing the contrast of  LG 70UH635’s display.

The  LG 70UH635 will also delight gamers. While the 240hz refresh rate claim of LG is suspect to doubts, testing has discovered that said device can belt out 120hz in real life. This is more than than the Sony KD70X690E’s 60 hz. The LG 70UH635 could have gotten the “best for Gamers” tag if it weren’t for the Sony KD70X690E’s minimal input lag feature. Nonetheless, the LG 70UH635 remains the second best choice for gamers and the best choice overall.

Questions and Answer?

Q and A picture

What is the best bang-for-the-buck TV set?

Answer: The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model is arguably the best budget TV set out of the three models arrayed in this review. However, don’t let the relatively cheap price fool you as the Vizio M-Series 70 inch Mode is quite feature heavy.

What is the best TV set for gamers?

Answer: The Sony KD70X690E is arguably the best TV set for gamers. With minimal input lag, 60hz display refresh rate and collaboration with PlayStation, the Sony KD70X690E will surely be a delight for gamers/

What is the best TV product for photographers?

Answer: The LG 70UH635 is the best TV product for photography buffs. Its display is very accurate, especially when compared to its competitors.

Can I use a wall mount for these products?

Answer: Yes, all products listed here are compatible with wall mounts. In fact, all three products listed here have VESA ratings.

Which product has the best external design?

Answer: All three products here follows the utilitarian design. This means that these products usually stick to basic designs. However, both the LG 70UH635 and the Sony KD70X690E can hold their respective grounds against more elaborate designs in the market.

Where can I get apps for these TV products?

Answer:  LG 70UH635 uses webOS 3.0 and its app selection can be had in LG’s very own Content Store. The Vizio M-Series 70 inch Model already has some apps preinstalled and this selection can further be widened with the use of a Google Home Speaker. You can get apps from the Opera Store of you have the Sony KD70X690E.

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