Top 43 Inch TVs That Won’t Break The Bank

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What I meant by the title is those 43 inch TVs that are affordable, not those which can fit in a pocket.

All joking aside, I do realize that if you live in a country where you have seasonal changes and it’s not hot all the time, you can only use outdoor projectors in the summer.

You are forced to rely on your indoor equipment for the rest of the year, and although there are indoor projectors, I generally tend to lean towards a good TV.

Now, TVs today come in all shapes and sizes, unlike a decade or two ago, when you needed 4 strong men to carry your TV to your room. I remember our TV when I was a child.

It had 4 channels, was the size of two large microwaves, and about 50 or more inches thick. Today you can probably put 20 or more TVs together and still not meet that thickness.

Don't be like this guy....

4 men standing around a van which has a huge television set in its trailer

TVs have become slim, thin, light, and bring us incredibly high-quality pictures which to me at first seemed even more beautiful than reality itself.

But, before I begin feeling really old and bore you to death with my origin story, let’s take a look at 3 of the best 43 inch TVs available today, I thought were the best choices.

Let's jump into it but before you do, I encourage you to save some space in that poor living room and just get a projector tv instead. 


If you are only here for a quick recommendation, after extensive research I decided it is Sony XBR43X800D.

This 2016 model has a moderate price, not the cheapest out there, but it also has some pretty advanced features only found on models at least 20 or 30% more expensive.

If you are in the mood for an in-depth overview, then check out my individual reviews of all 3 choices below, please.

If you are wondering why I actually got the idea to recommend 43 inch TVs with so many larger models flooding the market today, it is for two main reasons:

  1. 43 Inch TVs are generally quite affordable and durable, from what I’ve found in the general feedback from the web
  2. Size isn’t everything, and although there are a lot bigger models, 43 inches is absolutely decent folks… Stop overcompensating!

There was a time when people might think you are very successful if you have a large flat screen TV in your home, but nowadays every household has one…

And although the size can be important, a lot of times it will only mean that you need to install your chairs or the sofa further away from the screen.

a diagram showing the optimal TV viewing distance

In fact, there are many other more important aspects of a good TV, than its size. For instance – color gamut, HDR capability, 4K capability, and so on.

I’ve based my picks on features these TVs possess which mainly address picture quality and overall functionality. I didn’t want TVs with impressive features which break down after two months or cost an arm and a leg.

I wanted to find affordable TVs, somewhere at around $ 250 – $ 750, which could support HDR, 4K, have good colors, a nice brightness peak, and will last long, long enough to pay off their own cost.

So, without further delay, these three models are those which I’ve found satisfy most needs I think people have from their TVs, and meet all the criterions mentioned above:

a picture of a sony 43 inch tv on a wooden desk

This Sony X800D model was voted as the top pick in 2016 by most rating sites and channels on the web. The model truly provides the best value and quality, paired with a very affordable price.

At first glance, the design of this TV is both functional and pleasant to look at. It has a center stand so it doesn’t need a wide table to be placed on. It’s very slim, so it can easily blend into your room with other furniture.

The back of the TV is not polished, which is completely understandable, and it contains a lot of inputs making it a very versatile gadget connectable with many other devices.

Some of the inputs are directed towards the back though, so they may possibly be a problem if you plan on mounting your TV on a wall.

The TVs full dimensions are 37.9″ x 22.3″ x 1.8″ without the stand, or 37.9″ x 24.1″ x 8.6″ with it.

The contrast ratio is quite good thanks to the VA panel (Vertical Alignment), and it performs even better than some larger models.

The low price range naturally means this model will lack some advanced features, like local dimming, but the TV performs admirably nevertheless. 

The edges of the TV may be a bit darker than the center, but this difference is only noticeable during the screen testing, not while viewing normal content.

Sony X800D handles motion blur well, without any significantly visible trails following moving objects on the screen.

This 43-inch model does, however, lose some of the color vibrancy when viewed from an angle, so if you plan on watching your TV from an angle you may need a bigger screen.

This TV also handles reflections rather well with its semi-glass finish, and a standard quality cream finish. The peak brightness is maximized at around 375 Nits, which is absolutely sufficient in a dark room, but maybe not ideal in a large bright room with plenty of light.

This model deals better at HDR than other more expensive TVs from the same. It is due to the fact it has a wider color gamut than other competitor models.

The benefits

  • Smart functionality with webOS 6
  • HDR and 4k capability
  • Wide color gamut
  • Backlight LED (edge lit)
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Very slim and compact design
  • A very sturdy and durable build


1. Is the HDR panel 8 or 10 bit?

Yes. This is a 10-bit panel.

2. Does this model have Bluetooth built-in?

It does, but you can’t connect Bluetooth headphones. It is only for keyboard, mouse, and other controllers.

3. What’s the difference between this model and the XBR43X830C?

Apart from the HDR, this X800D model uses a Triluminos display for more realistic color shading.

a picture of a LG TV

This LG 6300 model comes highly recommended in 2017. There are many reviews on the web, so I’ve decided to take a real look at it and see if it’s really as good as everyone says.

The main reason I was so interested in it is that it comes at a really low price considering the competitor models.

The TV comes nicely packed with all accessories. It is unexpectedly lighter than most TVs that are about the same size.

The full measurements of this model are 38.5″ x 22.6″ x 3.2″ without the stand, and 38.5″ x 24.2″ x 7.4″ with it, so a bit bigger than other 43 inch models.

The stands are apart, so you will need a wider table to stand it on that is if you are not planning on mounting it. The stands and other additions are easily installed and managed.

The main power plug is angled so it is not in the way of wall mounting, which is a nice convenience, but some other advanced inputs on the back stick out straight and may prove a problem when wall mounting.

The initial time zone and location settings, as well as the entire wizard set up, don’t last long and the TV has pretty understandable settings and options, all followed by a nice vocal help.

The first time I set up the picture I was impressed. As an entry-level TV, this UJ6300 model does a decent job of reflecting ambient light.

I recommend that you try the expert dark room or light room modes, which will provide the optimum best picture quality for these given conditions.

The ‘Ego mode’ I found restricts the TV’s brightness capability, so I recommend you turn it down as much as you can.

The motion blur I think is not as good as it is with my top pick, the Sony X800D, but it does feel good enough.

But, brightness and motion blur aside, the picture quality on this model feels a bit better with HDR content.

The benefits:

  • Smart Functionality webOS 3.5 and Wi-Fi built-in
  • Direct-lit LED
  • 60Hz refresh rate (120 effective)
  • A sturdy and durable build
  • Nice looking and light design


1.How can you remove the LF logo from the TV’s interface?

This is not a major inconvenience since the logo is only displayed when you enter settings, but if you want you can disable this in the options.

2. What is the distance between the stand legs?

The distance is a bit over 50 inches.

Samsung UN43KU7500 Curved

This model is also known as 43 inches class, KU7500, Curved 4K UHD TV, and other names. This Samsung 7 series was designed to be Samsung’s cost-effective TV line, but still providing competitive quality and premium technologies.

The first, obvious thing is the curved design, which is aimed at providing an immersive viewing experience.

The curved design may demand a bit more creativity when it comes to blending it in with your other furniture and stuff in the room, but its slim design really makes it fit in like any other flat screen TV would.

Check the curve radius to find the best viewing distance, which is usually about 13 feet away from the screen, directly in front.

The picture quality is good, with admirable dark scene performance because of the high contrast ratio this TV has.

Motion blur is also good, better than average, but the HDR performance tends to drop as well as the overall viewing experience when you sit at an angle.

The TV has a standard metal center stand, meaning it can fit to tables that are not as big as the TV itself, but its curved design does make it hard to blend in as I said, especially, if you plan on mounting it.

The TV’s full measurements are 37.9’’ x 24.4’’ x 12’’ with the stand, and 37.9’’ x 22.2’’ 3.7’’ without one.

a picture of a curved Samsung TV surrounded by nature

The benefits:

  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Backlight LED
  • Smart Functionality
  • HDR Premium
  • Smart Remote
  • Wide color gamut
  • Center stand


1. What is the native refresh rate of this TV?

The Native panel refresh is 60Hz.

2. Does this TV have a Bluetooth built-in?

It does. The option is in the device manager menu, add Bluetooth keyboard or gamepad.

In Conclusion

As you can see, I’ve included the cheapest option which I think meets my criteria, but also the best value option, and one curved model. Now, there is a lot of controversy surrounding curved models.

Some people say there isn’t any real need for it, while others say they like the immersive experience they offer. I’ve purposely included one model just to give my contribution to those people who like them.

But to all you other folks I’ve given my top pick which I consider to be the best value for the price offered.

It is not perfect of course, but you try finding a better one for under $ 650, and also the cheapest model I could find which still has all the features people want out of a TV today.

Now, keep in mind that new technology comes out every day, which means prices fall all the time, so you may even find better offers if you do your research.

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