BenQ TH670 Review

The BenQ TH670 is being sold as a projector that can be used in an office environment and as a home entertainment device. Many units that attempt to straddle both worlds fail in one or the other. However, we feel that the TH670 works fairly well in an office environment where there are data presentations or in a home environment where cinema and gaming are being used.

It is a 1080P projector with 3000 lm, making it bright enough to work in an environment where there is ambient light. Its fast lag is something that gamers will appreciate Let's get into the nitty gritty of this projector.

BenQ TH670 1080P Projector Review


  • Good value for the money
  • Bright images with smooth motion
  • Good image sharpness
  • High-quality 3D
  • Fast input lag/good for gaming
  • Quality design and build


  • Mediocre black levels 
  • Some rainbow artifacts 
  • You need to purchase 3D glasses 
  • The fan is noisy 
  • Restricted color gamut

The BenQ TH670 1080P is a great projector if you are looking for an inexpensive model that works well for gaming, in an office, and for home entertainment. This projector is marketed as a Home Entertainment Projector.

Some notable features include Full 3D Support. Gamers are going to appreciate the fast lag time. Really, this is an inexpensive projector that can cover a lot of bases.

Right off the bat, something that caught our attention was the fact that this projector has a 3000 lm rating. This means that it will work well in the average living room/family room. Its power makes it a good option for presentations in a small to medium size office space or conference room.

This projector will do well in a room that has ambient light.

We are surprised at how universal the projector is. Other projectors seem to be tweaked to have less rainbow artifacts for either video or data, depending on how the projector is being marketed.

However, with the TH670, we see very few artifacts regardless of if we are showing images or video.

Let’s take a few minutes and look at a few of the particular features that make this projector stand out. 

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Picture Quality

There are a few factors that work together to give the TH670 its unique feel. These include its ability to handle 2D video, its variety of color preset modes, its ability to handle data presentations, and the fact that it offers full HD 3D.

See the Specs
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • Throw Ratio: 1.5 to 1.8
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1080P (1920x1080) 

Full HD 3D

The TH670 has full HD compatibility. It is able to seamlessly switch between its 3D mode and 2D mode. The only way that 3D works is if you use DLP-Link glasses

Color Preset Modes

The TH670 comes with four color modes that are customizable. They are:

  • Cinema
  • Game
  • Bright
  • Vivid 

Additionally, you can customize user modes. The nice thing about the user modes is that you can name them whatever you want. So you don’t have to remember what you want to each mode for.

As one would expect, business presentations as well as data images do better in either vivid, game, or cinema modes. The images have good color and are decently saturated. 

If you show video or if you show photographs using the bright mode, there is going to be a green bias or a yellowish coloration that is noticeable in almost all projectors under $2,000. Using video in the other modes will produce a decent image, but it is not something to write home about. You'll only avoid this with some with some  4k projectors

You will see the deficiencies in game, cinema, and vivid modes only if you do a side-by-side comparison with a higher quality projector. For most people who do not have a trained eye, minor coloration issues presented by this projector are not that big of a deal, especially when you note that you can pick this projector up at well under $1,000. 

Data Presentations

Many 1080P projectors struggle in this area. The TH670 does surprisingly well though. For example, white text on a black background is very crisp. You can easily read six point text. Black text on a white background can be read at as small as five points.

The TH670 is surprisingly good when it comes to resisting pixel jitter. The results you see will vary, depending on the graphics card of the device you are using to push the images to the projector.

However, the results seem to be stable regardless of if you’re using HDMI or VGA.

2D Video - Great for the Price

The ability to handle detail well when showing 2D video in high definition is another area where the TH670 shines.

Even when there is a lot of motion on the screen, shadow detail is held and posterization is kept to a minimum. You might experience a little bit of noise.

However, it is a lot less than what you would expect from a unit at this price point, and it does better than many units we’ve looked at that are quite a bit more expensive.

These issues are only going to be noticeable when you are watching video in a dark room or in a theater environment. If you are using the projector in ambient light, these issues and issues with a lower than preferred contrast ratio disappear.

Another minor issue you will notice is rainbow artifacts when watching 2D video. As we mentioned earlier, with data images, this is not that big of a problem.

However, with video, it does become an infrequent issue. Not enough to distract, but it is definitely noticeable. You will notice it more if you are looking at videos in black and white.

Standout Features - Great Response Time

  • Good lag time. The TH670 has 33.1 ms lag time if you are using the bright mode or the game mode. This is as good as many and better than most projectors in this price range. This is one of the features that makes this projector good for gaming. 
  • Security. The menu allows you to password protect the device. On the side of the unit, you will see a security lock. There is also a Kensington lock on the back. 
BenQ TH670
  • Audio. There is a built-in 10 W mono speaker. It is not going to give you stellar sound. However, it is good enough to be used in an average size family room or a smaller conference room. 
See the Specs
  • Audio: Mono 
  • Audio Output: 10 Watts 
  • Zoom. There is some flexibility as to how you can position the projector in a room thanks to the 1.2x zoom. 

Basic Specifications


The TH670 is small and lightweight. It is 5.4 inches high, 12.9 inches wide, and 9.2 inches deep. It weighs a total of 6.6 pounds. You can carry it with you wherever you need to go and set it up quickly. There is an optional carry case that can be purchased with this unit.


The unit’s lamp offers 3000 lm. It is rated to work for 4,000 hours if the projector is functioning in normal mode. When you switch to economic mode, that rating jumps up to 10,000 hours.

Smart eco mode promises 10,000 hours of lamp life. The 10,000 hours in smart eco mode assume that you are operating the projector in the ideal environment. It is unlikely that you would actually get 10,000 hours of use out of any projector lamp. More about lamp life here. 

See the Specs
  • Life of Lamp - Full Usage: 4,000 Hours
  • Life of Lamp - Eco Usage: 6.000 Hours
  • Light Output: 3,000 Lumens 

The brightness uniformity of the TH670 leaves a lot to be desired, coming in at a low 50 percent. As a result, variations are easy to see if you’re looking at a solid white image.

You will notice that the top and left sides are brighter than the bottom and right sides of any image. Since the brightest and darkest parts of an image are farthest away from each other, the change is a gradual, so it is not a jolt on your senses.

Still, we would have liked to see a more uniform brightness.

Conclusion - Great Choice for Home/Gaming

As we have seen when we have looked at a number of single-chip DLP projectors, the majority of them have a comparable design, depending on the price point you are purchasing at. The BenQ TH670 shares a lot of these common issues.

Included in these are problems are brightness uniformity and hue saturation points. Black levels, when you are in a completely dark room, are mediocre.

However, if you are in a room with ambient light, they improve somewhat.

In Conclusion

​We feel that this unit shines when it is used in an office setting or to present data. Its portability, ease of setup, and the ability to simply point it at a white wall and see a decent image out of the box is nice.

It does have built in sound system, but our recommendation is that you connect it to an outboard sound system. The built-in sound is poor.

This is not a serious home cinema projector. However, if you’re looking at something that is priced well under $1,000 that can be used to watch sporting events, games, cinema, and 3D movies, then this may be the right projector for you.

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