Acer H6510BD 3D Review

image of the Acer H6510BD

Up against the Optoma HD131 is the AcerH65510. I apologize for the annoying names, I’m not sure why projector companies pick the worst product names.

This is another great choice for gaming. A bit cheaper than the HD131 but definitely a solid choice. I personally wouldn’t purchase this one as I find some of the technical aspects are just a little lagging.

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Let’s take a look at them.

Not sure if it’s the processor or graphics card but this projector tend to occasionally lag. Not often, but it will lag. You can read about lots of reports of this. The color, while still at 1080p just doesn’t quite pop the way the Optoma projector does. That might be due to the constract ratios.

This unit is fully compatible with all forms of media and supports Blue Ray 3D, DLPD and Nvidia 3DTV.  It comes equipped with two controllers for multiple PC source input feature (HDMI and D-sub)

Constract ratio is 10000:1 which is 8000 below the Optoma and aspect ratio is 16:9. All in all the ACERH65 is a good choice, but if you’re a hardcore gamer you’ll definitely notice the difference.

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